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Second Hand Stylings - Day Eight

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Rain today meant a very hastily snapped outfit picture. It sort of looks as if I have sculptured flicky hair but it's just shadow and a brick wall. This is what happens when you've got the camera propped up on a picnic table with the aid of a pebble and you only have time for one photo before the heavens open. The unpredictable weather did result in the glorious image below though. What a lovely treat to walk out of the office to.

Today's second hand item is the top - Jane Norman courtesy of a local hospice charity shop for £1.99. I think that the brolly may also be second hand. I'm not entirely sure where it came from but I know I didn't buy it. Does anyone actually buy brollies? I think they breed under the bed and then leap into my handbag - I discovered three in mine the other day and I couldn't tell you where any of them originally came from.

Top - Jane Norman via charity shop
Cardi - New Look
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Pumps & oversized ring - Primark
Earrings - craft fair


  1. I LOVE the umbrella! So cute! I've been meaning to do a shoot with an umbrella these days! But, I don't have one hahaa :)

    You look so good in glasses, I'm jealous! Haha. I look awful in them.

    I love your comments:) Thank you!

  2. I love the leafy print of the top and the ring is so pretty.
    I buy umbrellas! Second-hand ones, obviously. I wish mine would reproduce under the bed, the dirty little beasts! xxx

  3. Such a simple outfit Alex, but it looks so stylish.

    I must live in a different world from you girls - I remember buying lots of umbrellas and can never find any of them!


  4. Did you take that pic? it's amazing!

    Love those earrings, and what a bargain of a top.
    The weather has been odd here, it can't decide whether to rain, be sunny or cold. It's ruining my outfits.


  5. Love the print on that top. Know what you mean about brollies, I can't remember ever buying one but I seem to have about 10!

  6. I seem to never be able to find a brolly when I need one. That leaf print on the top is gorgeous, I don’t usually like Jane Norman clothes, I wouldn’t have guessed it was originally from that shop at all. Great find for £1.99. The jeans look great too x

  7. I love the top and ring. What a great rainbow photo too. x

  8. That first photo is just beautiful xx

  9. You've been looking ever so good recently... :)

  10. Loving this challenge! Can't believe I've missed all your posts... you're doing fab!

    About your thrifted/gifted comment - I've fallen into the terrible habit of saying 'thrifted' (which isn't even a WORD!) and must stop. I was more specific on today's post - just for you! :)



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