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Shoe Storage & A Giveaway Reminder

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I just wanted to start off by saying a huge and heartfelt thank you to you all for your comments on the weight loss post. I should have done it in yesterday's post but the laptop decided to publish what I was writing instead of saving it when I was half way through and I was too busy going "aarrgghhh!!!" and finishing it at top speed to remember to put a thank you in! Anyway, technological malfunctions aside, it really meant an awful lot to me to read such wonderful comments. Utter sap that I am, some of them brought a tear to my eye. It was a bit scary to write it and click the publish post button; I really wasn't expecting such lovely things to be said.

Moving onto other business, Sharron asked for a peek at my shoe storage. I've recently got rid of quite a few pairs that were either irredeemably tatty or just didn't fit and it made me realise that I wasn't wearing half the pairs I did have, simply because they were piled up and I couldn't see them.
Most of the shoe collection while I was in the midst of shuffling them all round. It took a little while to get sorted but I find that kind of tidying up much more satisfying than normal housework. Now it all looks like this:

The older of the two shoe racks lives in the bottom of my wardrobe. It's not a big wardrobe but the rack just fits in with an inch or two to spare. I think the packaging says that it's meant to hold 8 pairs - ha! It's quite a useful size as flats and sandals can fit underneath it, so I can cram more in the space available. There just wasn't room for everything in there though so I popped to Ikea and bought another one (it's from the Portis range).

And now all my Irregular Choice shoes that don't have boxes, plus a few pairs of brogues, are on display at the bottom of my bed. I think they brighten up the room beautifully.

As for the IC shoes that do have boxes, they live on one of the wardrobe shelves with some other boxed up shoes and my boots. The wardrobe may be pathetically small but the shelves are awfully useful, even if I do have to stand on a chair to reach them!

If you haven't done so already, make sure you enter my giveaway - it closes tomorrow night.


  1. Thank you Alex, a timely post for me, i love the shoes on display, i was thinking of doing that!! Will you store away your summer sandles??
    Love Sharron xx

  2. I like having the shoes at the foot of the bed. I may try that!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  3. I use my shoes as decoration, they're too expensive to hide away! My room is really colourful and it's all down to things like shoes, bags, clothes and books being on show, I'd rather spend money on functional things that just happen to brighten the space up rather than on decorative items.

  4. Ooh you have so many lovely shoes! x

  5. Oooo,I spy pretty shoes!! Goodness,I haven't had a new pair for a couple of weeks!G will think there's something wrong with me if I don't buy a new pair soon.
    O,I loved Sophie Dahl's cookbook!!More the writing about her life than the recipes,actually!She seems really lovely;I'd quite like to have a natter with her over a bowl of soup!Good recommendation,sweetie!x

  6. Look at all those shoes! So many pretties there. I'm ashamed of my collection, I need to treat mine with a little more respect instead of chucking them in the bottom of the wardrobe and being injured by them each time I prise open the door.
    Hope you had fun in Brum! xxx

  7. Pretty shoes!! love that display storage idea for the IC shoes. Love those B&W brogues.


  8. So organised! All mine are just shoved in big baskets or under the stairs!

  9. Ohhh shoes, mine all live in boxes and i always seem to wear the same pairs again and again x

  10. MMmmmm shoes *squeek*. Love them all, dead impressed at your tidy racks. I hide mine all over the place as they take over all the shoe racks and I get bitched at by my boys.
    Kandi x

  11. Oh wow, that's an incredible amount of shoes Alex. All beautiful and entirely justified of course! xx

  12. Owwww looks very organised, I love organising my clothes, I must post some pictures on my blog xxx

  13. I kind of desperately envy your shoe collection right now. I love my shoes, but I want mooooreee!

  14. New to your blog... and you are inspiring me to organize my closet!

  15. I love storage posts! I'm really not a big shoe person, mainly because I seem to stick to one pair and wear them to death, then move on.
    I am in utter awe of your IC collection though, such pretty shoes.
    Sorry I'm so late with this post!x


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