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January Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, 28 January 2012

And we're back in the game! Here are my picks for the January Scavenger Hunt:

In season:

Snowdrops in the garden. They are the most January thing I know.


Oh please. Did you think it was going to be anything else?


This is what it took to make me look pretty. I am away now to buy some of the products...


A Christmas present - it's angora and SO soft.


It's clearly the house of someone fond of shoes and brollies

In my bathroom:

There is a whole load of stuff that could have gone in the "mess" category of this post. Instead I have gone for the hippo hot water bottle holder.


First thing to note: I am not an Everton fan. Red through and through, that's me
Second thing to note: This shop name makes sense only when you realise that the shopping centre it's in is called Liverpool One. You may have to imagine the postal address...


Achieved by the simple task of getting bored waiting for the shutter to close during a fireworks display and just waving the camera round in the air a bit instead.


You iz not allowed on the interwebs alone

In the distance:

The view down the drive at work. Well, the right hand side anyway. I'm sure you can all imagine a long stretch of road.


Oh the horror. It's not just mess, it's the dreading ironing mountain. I can barely get into the room to tidy all the other crap up. Remember when it was this tidy?


I entitle this one "No Shit Sherlock"


  1. Great photos Alex. You last one cracked me up!

    X x

  2. Haaaa love the nuts warnings on packets of nuts!
    Your hippo hot water bottle is so cuuuute!
    The Everton shop cracks me up to, as a Liverpool fan I'm always like, you wish ;D


  3. Great photos. The kitty jumper looks lovely and soft. The Everton name is very clever, I love it.

  4. love your photos here, the snowdrops are lovely, not seen any out here yet.

  5. Oscar, Shoes and pretty firework pictures all in one post, I LOVE it.

    Hope you're feeling better post-prosecco, I'd hate to think of you suffering, shout if you need anything.

  6. Love the photos, very glad Oscar got a look in :) Haven't seen any snowdrops round my neighbourhood :( x

  7. Love your shots and the funny comments to accompany. The socks are genius! I love doing shots loike the fireworks shot. My boyfriend goes mad at me because I do it on the way home from places when it's too dark to read in the car and he always sayd, "Don't! I'll crash!"

  8. The Everton shop always amuses me, Liverpool One, Everton Two, very clever.
    (also a red though)

  9. I love your socks.....and I very nearly used Everton Two myself. (I am an Evertonian!!!!)

  10. Great photos I will be joining in also will post my photos tomorrow.

  11. Some great photos there! Like your 'in season' 'soft' 'odd' and 'company' photos:)

  12. Great start to 2012 photos. Love the socks and Oscar (obviously) and I am so glad I am not the only one who avoids ironing like the plague xxx

  13. Wow the Mac shopping list, those things are always so so expensive. Last time I had that done i went for the key things like base and blush that couldnt be found elsewhere.


  14. I like your odd photo! I haven't seen any snowdrops yet but I plan to go looking where I know they grow when I get chance!

  15. Liverpool one, Everton two... Very clever, I'm sure the postman enjoys that one :-)
    Love the pic of Oscar and I'd be disappointed if odd hadn't been socks!

  16. Great photos, made me smile on several! Why didn't I think of that on the socks front?! And the Mac one made me laugh - I have just ditched a similar Mac list of essentials to get me anywhere near the 'glamerous' description on the grounds that I am never going to be able to extend my finance to that number of products!! :-)

  17. The socks one is genuis - and as for ironing life is far too short! And I'm sure you don't need everything on that list to make you look pretty :-)

  18. The socks are just great! Why didn't I think of that?! This was filled with great entries, and great narrative! So funny.

  19. Great comments and photos...I've not seen the Everton shop but (as a meh-supporter of Everton) I think it's a great name! And please - where DO you work?! Is it Speke Hall...or Rufford Old Hall? Or somewhere else...My detective skills aren't that great!

  20. Ha haaa love your odd socks! You'r the first one I saw that actually came up with it!
    The snowdrops are beautiful.

  21. Great photos Alex, especially your odd socks!!!
    :) Best Wishes, Kerrie

  22. I have a Mac list just like that! I was slightly scared by the number of products they thought I needed - my usual tinted foundation and mascara was most definitely not enough.
    A great selection

  23. Love these, Oscar's such a babe :) Haven't even *thought* about photo scavenging this year, where does the time go?? xx

  24. I do like your blurred photo and you had the same idea as me for the warning shot only when I went to look I didn't have any nuts left in the cupboard!

  25. The snowdrops anis my favourite one. I was going to do socks for 'odd' but opted for my giant doughnut pic instead!

  26. Really fab selection of photos. I had something similar for warning about nuts! Your cat is so cute and the Everton one address is inspired.
    Lisa x


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