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Bored of Rain

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I thought it was meant to be April showers, May flowers, not April floods, May hailstorms...

I'm fed up with rain. Fed up of damp feet and frizzy hair and still having to wear winter woolly tights.  Mostly I am bored of ruining nice shoes on days when I think it's going to be lovely and sunny and it ends up chucking it down instead.  That's happening a lot recently.  Wellies are the only way forward.

Wellies were not an option for a long time, because they are made by evil so-and-so's who don't seem to realise that people have fat legs.  Even now that my legs are substantially slimmer, I must still have out of proportion chubby calves because I still can't force them into most wellies.  All hail Joules and their adjustable sides.

And their cute prints. Who wants to spend £80 on a pair of Hunters when you can spend £35 on a pair of galloping horse fab ones instead?

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - vintage Welsh tweed via Oxfam, altered by moi
Scarf - no idea.  I've got about 19 in various shades and I don't remember buying any of them
Wellies - Joules
Knee high socks - Primark


  1. Looking good.
    I'm still in thick tights which is emphatically not what I expect in mid-May!

  2. I wore a dress without tights for the first time in ages on Sunday. Back to normal now in jeans and jumpers.
    I love that brolly. Want one! It would make the rain much more fun...

  3. I am soooo sick of this weather too. Love your skirt though. Love it! xx

  4. GAGGING for that skirt. Gagging, I tell thee. x

  5. I struggle with wellies too. I wanted gorgeous coloured Hunters, but unfortunately the only serious boots I found that would fit round my calves were the men's horrible olive green hunters. Not a happy bunny!
    I long for the day when Duo boots start making wellies!

  6. I just can't walk in wellies. They're only any good for a short tramp across a bog or a brief wallow in wet concrete. Likelihood of walking off without one high.

  7. Oh I'm with you on the too slim wellies. The ones I've got now are two sizes too big just so I can get my calves in.

  8. I'm sure I've said before, but I really love your umbrella! Even if I am annoyed that the weather still dictates we need one ¬.¬ And your skirt is absolutely gorgeous, as well - got to love a bit of Welsh tweed! (: ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  9. My wellies are Joules too, I love them :) they were a present off my mum who said she deliberated over hunters but couldn't justify the price for something I'd only wear a few days a year really. I love my joules though, they are very good quality and great for muddy walks around the park :)

  10. I struggle loads finding wellies to fit my huge calves, will check those out now :)

  11. Ah I just cant quite get my head round wellies, they're so clumpy and hard to walk in! In fact yours are probably the least clumpy looking ones I've seen... was totally just thinking I shouldn't still be wearing tights, started throwing out all my holey ones but may have to break into my reserve stash at this rate! :)

  12. I have the calf and wellie problem too - why do they think everyone has skinny calves? Yours look wonderful by the way. Linda xxx

  13. Love your brolly!! I am totally fed up with the crazy weather too - today in N Ireland we had sunshine, rain, hailstones, back to sunshine, then a huge shower to finish off!x

  14. I'm sick of the rain.

    Realised earlier that I have made summer clothing and have been wearing them on 'nights out' just to get use out of them!!

    Your socks, rock!

    Bundana x

  15. Me too, sick of the rain taking Darcy out for her walk really isn't as much fun in the rain although she seems to think so. I have the same problem with wellies but I to have brought myself a pair of funky ones from joules all I need now is a brolly like yours.

    Ps found you through pennyblossom love your blog.

  16. Kids wellies are the same, fine if you've got a little girl in woolly tights but a complete pain in the bum to tuck jeans into - they're not much use for puddle jumping if you can't get trousers inside! I always find me feet get too cold in wellies so I spent silly sums on a pair of Welligogs - they are amazing though, and you can ride in them too. (And apparently stand in a cold stream angling, if that's your bag)

  17. God, I've just remembered as I wrote the last comment about your book club thing - I am SO sorry, I filed it away to look at later and have been completely crap and forgotten. Once I've got the swap partners up I'll have some more time I hope. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude.

  18. Yep this rain is becoming a pain, I did use the opportunity to buy a new red and white polka dot brolly with a frill though :0)
    I have chunky calves too and also live in Joules wellies, they are great with the little adjustable bit on the side.
    Kandi x


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