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A Capital Frock

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Clothes are funny old things.  Although I am in undoubted love with this frock, I do spend quite a lot of time feeling both wide and short in it.  I have frocks that are a similar length so it's not that it needs shortening.  Perhaps it's just the quantity of fabric in the skirt.  I'd rather whack on an extremely high pair of shoes for morale and height boosting purposes but that isn't always practical.  Sometimes I just have to accept my shortarseness and wear flats.

Let's look on the bright side though.  At least five people at work said "I LOVE your dress!" (including my boss, who is not normally the most observant man in the world when it comes to clothes).  The print is fanbloodytastic.  And it was only £15 in the sale! This, dear readers, is where it pays to be a bit cheeky.  I'd happily have paid the £20 asking price but one of the belt loops on it was ripped - the sort of tiny belt loop that would take two minutes and two stitches to repair (and as it turns out, is completely useless anyway as I prefer a different belt than the one that came with it).  But it's always worth asking, however minor the problem, as sometimes the sales assistants are happy to knock a fiver off.  Yoicks!

Apologies for the BOOBS photo but I keep getting told off for not showing off the bodice part of my frocks and, well, this is the only way to really do it.

Dress - River Island
Cardi - Matalan
Belt - Primark
Flats & pearls - Dorothy Perkins


  1. You look neither wide, nor short in that dress...and it's bloody awesome.

  2. I love this dress, you look lovely :)x

  3. Fabulous frock - looks great on you. Linda xxx

  4. I was very tempted by that dress myself but it was too short on me bah.

  5. Gorgeous! Not wide AT ALL. Xx

  6. Great print. Great accessories.

  7. You don't look short or wide in that dress at all, very boobilicious though! The print is lovely and has a lot more versatility than a lot of the Jubilee-themed frocks that were on sale - with bunting and things on. Good bargain! x

  8. Love this. You look fabulous, I'm really rather jealous of your dress collection!

  9. That is gorgeous! I always ask for discount if an item is faulty - pays to be cheeky sometimes! :)

  10. I would have never guessed this dress was from River Island, I love it xxx

  11. You look LOVELY, I adore this dress!

    Maria xxx

  12. I agree with Cheap Kicks - not a look I'd associate with River Island at all. It's a fabulous dress, you look fantastic and £15 is a bargain!

    Nikki x

  13. That dress is gorgeous! I love the print and I am very surprised it is from River Island.



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