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Cake, Glorious Cake

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What's lurking behind the brolly?

Me of course! And my amazing cake print shirt.

I really wasn't meant to be buying anything new this month as the budget has been heavily clobbered by booking theatre and ballet and trains and hotels and holidays and suchlike - all will be amazing, I'm sure, but it has left me el skinto in the meantime.

However Char pointed this out to me during one of our regular email sessions - they go along the line of "Ooh I like this" "Me too! And THIS!" Honestly, we are as predictable as two very predictable people who like shoes and frocks and #wardrobezoo themed things.  I was still pondering it when I saw Sarah wearing it at the Brum bloggers meetup earlier in the month (and looking amazing) so that made my mind up.  I had to own it. T'wasn't so very expensive after all. Look, it's still in the sale!

Dress - via New Life. Wish I knew what make it was!
Shirt - ASOS
Necklace - market stall in Dubrovnik
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins sale

It's got party rings on it for goodness sake.  Why would you not want to own it?!


  1. love the shirt, such a fun design! Your outfit is tres chic x

  2. :O This blouse was on one of my wishlists a while ago! Now that you have pointed out that it is in the sale I don't think I will be able to let it go! Gahhhh haha.

    Frances xx

  3. You're so cute in this outfit, and your legs look great!
    I love those red shoes.

  4. Party rings = epic win. That is an amazing top.

  5. I saw this on Char's blog recently and got ridiculously excited about it too. Party rings!!!! Looks great with your pinafore dress.

  6. It's brilliant - fancy linking to the sale you naughty enabler! I really love that dress of yours, I need a pinafore dress I think, they're so versatile ... ahhh skint, skint, skint!

  7. LOVE the shirt!

  8. OH HAI GORGEOUS! I LOVE this outfit of yours, it may be my favourite ever!

    Maria xxx

  9. That blouse is fab! But I think it would make me hungry and want cake even more than normal :).

    I was in Dotty P's on Monday and I thought of your Wardrobe Zoo as they had *tons* of animal print stuff in - quite a few pieces in the sale too.

    Nikki x

  10. Love this blouse! I agree with penelope above it would make me want cake even more than i already do! lol
    V.nice outfit :) x

  11. I am sooooo buying this shirt *rushes off to ASOS* thank you!

  12. Cakes? On a shirt?? I must have it!

  13. Oh wow, I love that shirt. I also couldn't agree more; anything with party rings on must be had! xxx


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