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Half Preppy, Half...Not

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I like to try and tone down the madness slightly for work. Whilst I was very definitely in a silly dressing-up sort of mood yesterday, I felt that perhaps toile patterned shorts and rather high shoes might tip over the edge into "wtf are you wearing today, Alex?" territory unless I made at least a partial concession towards sensibleness. Hence the shirt and jumper combo. Nothing says sensible workwear like a shirt and jumper, right?

(if you're wondering where my face has gone, well it looked atrocious in ALL of the photos, so I'm hiding it)

But really we should just be talking about the shorts. TOILE PATTERNED SHORTS, EVERYONE!  I spotted them in Primark at the weekend and made a positive beeline for them.  They were the last pair on the rail and therefore clearly destined to be mine. Who cares that they're two sizes too big? I actually consider this a bonus as it means they sit much lower down and end up being a respectable length rather than hotpants.  You all know how much I love toile.  Love it.

Jumper - H&M
Shirt - Gap, stolen from my brother
Shorts - Primark
Shoes - Next

Because I had to take my outfit photos at home for once, you get bonus cat photos.  Oscar is the inquisitive type so naturally he likes to see why I'm posing in front of the shed door. This is us saying "Mrow" to each other.

Mostly he pretends he's still a kitten and chases his tail on the lawn.  Is this not the most amazing photo ever?


  1. Oooh me likey them shorts Alex! I don't think I could carry them off. Wish I could. They are awesomenal.
    Hope you well
    x x

  2. holy crapppp I love those shorts.

  3. Love the print on those shorts! The shoes look great too.


  4. I don't know which I love more, the shorts or Oscar cat.


  5. Loving the shorts. If they weren't made in China (which they probably are as they're Primark) I would totally get them. Gorgeous.

  6. Haha that last photo is class! I love mid-action shots of Pepe & Nina play fighting too, so funny. The shorts look ace, you are braver than me facing Primark at the weekend haha.

  7. I need those shoes...fab outfit :)

  8. The shorts are flippin fantastic, I was sure you must have made them, go Primark! x

  9. Hehe look at him go!!
    Love the shorts, love them.

  10. outfit success! I do love those shorts, such a great find x

  11. Love the quirky pattern on the shorts. Very cool outfit, I need some big ole shoes like those!

  12. Right, that's the second Primark item I've loved in a blog this morning so I know where I'm off to at dinner time!

    Oscar is indeed wonderful in this post :) I love that you talk to each other. Mavis is quite chatty but Sally is strangely mute so we just open our mouths to each other in silent conversation.

  13. Ooh ooh I love the shoes! In fact the whole outfit is rather fab, quirky and work appropriate xx

  14. Those shorts are super sweet! I'm still not a shorts kinda girl. Or should I say, I don't have shorts kinda thighs! Haha! And on sensible-ising an outfit, my colleagues are MORE likely to raise an eyebrow if I look sensible!

  15. Thia ia so super cute, but there is no way in hell I would get away with this in my office. I got many a raised eyebrow for my slightly above the knee skirt!

  16. Oscar is such a cutie. What a great shot!
    Love the shorts, definitely destined to be yours!

  17. LOVE this entire outfit, you look AMAZING.

    Maria xxx

  18. Even though, I have a cat phobia, it doesn't stop me from saying you have a cute cat.

    Your shoes are lush.
    I love the name of your blog.

    am following you, may you follow me too, so I can stay close to your blog and visit it often

  19. Oscar looks like a kitten in the last photo!
    Loving the shorts.


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