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Day Three

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

So it's Day Three and I'm rocking the oh-so-stylish wifebeater and open shirt combo today.  Yup, I am no more organised than I was yesterday.  Did you expect anything different?  Have you met me?  I am a complete last-minute lucy. 

I actually rather like it though.  The shirt is ever such a pretty colour and I think it counteracts any potential slob factor.

But what's new about this outfit, I hear you cry.  You have seen the jeans and the boots many times.  Although the shirt is newish, I'm pretty sure I've blogged it before.  Well, the new thing is THIS:

Meet my new bag and the guardian of the #wardrobezoo.  I am not usually much of a handbag sort of girl but you have to agree that she is fairly amazing. Plus she totally reminds me of Owlma from Greenclaws (my favourite kids tv show of all time).

"Twit twoo, twoo, twit twit twoo?"

I'm going to see The Importance of Being Earnest tonight so frankly there is no better occasion on which to debut a new handbag.  Even Lady Bracknell couldn't disapprove of this one.

Shirt - Matalan, gift
Jeans & vest top - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Aldo, via ASOS sale
Bag - Irregular Choice, via Debenhams


  1. That is the best bag I have EVER seen. Not only is it an owl, it's the perfect colours!

  2. Totally living the bag. Yer looking trim lass! X

  3. That bag is adorable! Want!

  4. You young lady have made my week, every time we have the conversation about children's programs.. the one that used to always spring to mind and represents my child hood is Greenclaws but I have never ever been able to remember what it was called till now. So not only do I love your blog and Adore that handbag, you are now my childhood memories savior xx

  5. Greenclaws was a real favourite of mine! That bag is pretty damn awesome and you know how much I love those boots x

  6. Wow what an amazing owl bag. I can see why you love it so much.

    X x

  7. Love it, love it so much! I'm off to find Greenclaws on youtube...

  8. THAT BAG! I love it so much!

    Maria xxx

  9. The boots! The bag! Love them both!! x


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