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Fruit Salad Frockage

Sunday, 5 August 2012

There was a sunny day at some point in July.  There must have been.  Look, I've got bare (and pasty) legs in these photos: what more proof do you want?  In the shock of it, I promptly forgot to do anything with the photos but they must make an appearance now.  The Fruit Salad Frock can wait no longer.

Who knew the the back garden was such a windy spot?  Whoosh went the wind, whoosh went my skirt! Half of the photos I took are showing a somewhat indecent amount of thigh.  Here's a better idea of what the frock looks like when a)I'm not showing my pants and b)the wind isn't playing merry havoc with my hair:

Doesn't it just look like a giant Fruit Salad wrapper?

Yes, it may be the pinkest thing you've ever seen me wearing but I love it so much I don't care.

Dress - H&M sale
Cardi - Tesco sale
Flats - Primark


  1. My tip for legs...that Holiday Skin stuff. You don't end looking like a chav, I promise!

    Cute dress.

  2. It really does look like a Fruit Salad, ooh I fancy one now.

  3. I was always more of a black jacks kinda girl (hmm licorice!) but the dress is looovely. I'm now craving some sweeties.

  4. I love fruit salad so this dress is a winner in my eyes! Looks great in as does the cardy.

    X x

  5. Wow it IS a fruit salad dress! It's sooooo pretty (with Lots of 'o's). You look lovely in it! Xo

  6. This dress is gorgeous and has also made me crave fruit salads!

  7. It's lovely - almost summer in itself x

  8. it's so cute! I've never seen these sweets, but they do look exactly like the dress!

  9. Wow, it IS a fruit salad wrapper! I love it =)

  10. It's gorgeous, and exactly like a fruit salad! Perfect!

  11. PINK!
    I love your shoes. I had them in white & minty/aqua & I'm gutted they didn't sell them again this year.

  12. Wow, I love this dress on you and it DOES look like a fruit salad, I agree with Helen though, I always preferred Black Jacks! ;)

    Maria xxx

  13. OMG its totally fruit salad dress, love it! Hey now you need a blackjack dress... ;)

  14. Yummy! Love your toenail and shoe colour combo too :)


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