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How to...make a (really easy) floral headband

Friday, 24 August 2012

In just over two weeks I am doing something I have never done before.  I'm going to a festival.  Bestival to be precise, courtesy of the very lovely folk at Echo Falls, and I am majorly excited about it! 

Festival fashion will need quite some pondering.  I go camping a lot so I'm well prepared with waterproofs and warm things, but the daytime will be tricky.  I just don't suit the stereotypical festival stuff - every "must have" list seems to feature cut off denim shorts and fringed things and bralets and I am not wearing any of that.  I'm sure I can get around it though.

The thing that gives me most grief is that I can't wear beautiful headbands.  In an ideal world, something like this Crown & Glory beauty would be the first thing I packed.  Sadly it's not: I have a stupid shaped head.  Headbands end up pinging up the back of it and then either fly off and hit someone in the face or end up perched on top of my head in a rather drunken fashion.  And the ones I would really love to wear, the delicate chain, coin type ones, just end up tangled in my hair with me swearing almightily at them.

Never fear!  I decided that I would make my own.  To solve the pinging problem, I've gone for proper leather thonging that can be tied in a good old knot, will not come undone and will stay securely on my head.  It will work. 

Here's what you need:

Really quick and really easy to make.  Even better, really cheap!  The leather thonging was 89p a metre and 2 metres makes three headbands.  The silky flowers were 89p a bunch.  Now I must admit I didn't price up similar things in the shops but I'm fairly confident they'd be more expensive.  Plus, this way you get to pick exactly what you want in terms of colours and that's always fun.

Even more fun is when your Mum hears about your craft project and gives you a bag full of stuff she just happened to have in a box somewhere.  So I made another one!


  1. How funny I wrote a post last night about making a DIY flower crown :) love yours! Have fun at Bestival (super jealous..) xx

  2. I'm sure you will love the festival and will look absolutely amazing with your own style. The headbands are sooo beautiful, and yet so simple to make - I think I might try something similar for my granddaughter. (Sadly I haven't been to a festival in about 30 years, we do go to motorbike rallies though and they are similar but without the dressing up!) Linda xxx

  3. EEEP, I love them. I'm really hoping it's going to be sun sun sun for this fesitval you know.

  4. Very pretty! Great tutorial.
    Enjoy Bestival, sounds like you are going to have an amazing time.

  5. Those headbands are so lovely! Xo

  6. Very useful- I have a tiny 'brussel sprout' head so have to wear children's hairbands sometimes! I will deffo try this!

  7. Gorgeous makes, love the dinky little sunflowers, you could easily make any of those left over flowers into earrings with some cheap earring hooks off ebay. x

  8. Ooh I have earring hooks if you want to do this! Let me know. Also love the headband!

  9. I can not explain how much I am loving the last one with sunflowers, that is just perfection xx

  10. You have all of the clever going on!

  11. They look amazing Alex. So much nicer than any one brought from a shop.

    X x

  12. What a great DIY! That is such a nice floral headband, I'll give it a go :))

    Lots of love,

    Enter my studded corset giveaway in collaboration with Kat Valdez!

  13. These are super cute. I have the very same problem with headbands.
    Have fun at Bestival, fingers crossed for sunshine x

  14. I love this! Reminds me of Lana Del Rey! Oscar is adorable :')


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