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Turning August Into Autumn

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

In the autumn, a fashion blogger's fancy turns to thoughts of layers*.  And tights.  And knits.  And scarves, hats, boots and all the other deliciously cosy things that have been neatly packed away in vintage suitcases since April.

We class autumn as September-November, don't we?  It may technically still be summer now but I've already given up on it.  It's been warm enough for bare legs about three times all year and I'm officially pronouncing it time to start donning tights and jackets again.  I don't care if it still says August on the calendar.

Now I'm not one of those people who dives headlong into look books at this time of year and starts fantasising about the squillions of pounds they're going to spend on new knitwear.  Mainly because I don't have squillions of pounds.  Partly because I don't have that big a wardrobe/house either.  I mostly have to make do with what I've already got, with the addition of a few nice new bits and bobs.

I've been saying this for months now, I know, but I really am trying to buy better.  That means tracking down things I actually need and filling gaps in my wardrobe rather than adding to my enormous collection of grey jumpers.  Instead of indulging my love for Irregular Choice and buying these, I was practical and bought these .  Actual sensible, waterproof footwear.  Go me.

The one obvious gap in my wardrobe was leather jacket shaped, so when French Connection emailed me and asked if I'd like to review something from their A/W range I knew exactly what to go for

I absolutely love it.  Why have I never owned one before?  I did this with shorts: was absolutely convinced they were not for me, tried them, loved them.  Perhaps I need to expand my clothing horizons a bit more.  Anyway, back to the jacket.  I trust you know I wouldn't be saying this if I didn't truly think it (my opinion is not for sale) but it's beautiful.  Feels fantastic, looks wonderful, makes me feel considerably cooler than usual.  What's not to love?

Jacket - c/o French Connection
Dress - People Tree sale
Boots -  Aldo via ASOS sale
Ring - Primark
Necklace - belonged to my Grandma

*apologies for mangling Tennyson


  1. I gave up on Summer a long time ago - in about April I think!
    I love this outfit though, your dress is super awesome and I LOVE the jacket!
    I'm proud of your sensible footwear purchase, I did something similar a couple of days ago.. I feel startlingly grown-up!

    Jesss xo

  2. Oh Alex, the jacket is just beautiful. Insanely envious as am on the hunt for a new one myself but keep wincing at the cost...

  3. I got back from a long week in wales and have finally packed away my summer clothes and unpacked by winter one into my wardrobe. I have 3 times as many clothes in my winter wardrobe..tehehe!

    That jacket looks awesome on you hunnie, a defo must for you xx

  4. I love the T-Bird jacket! :D

  5. Beautiful jacket, I love it!


  6. Oh Gawd, I, like the fool I am, am still waiting for decent weather. I don't want to wear tights and boots and layers. Boo hoo. Anyway, loving the jacket on you. I've got two leather jackets languishing in my wardrobe. Must dig them out some time. xx

  7. Beautiful jacket, I have a battered Primark leather jacket that needs replacing for winter, always wearing mine when the weather cools.
    Love the dress, and your hair looks lovely. And very pretty necklace.

  8. Nothing beats a trusty leather jacket, this will last you years and you are right it instantly makes you feel a whole lot cooler. I don't know why, but whenever I wear mine I always feel like some kind of rock chic (sad I know) xxx

  9. Oh that jacket looks FAB on you! xo

  10. Only warm enough to be bare legged three times?! I managed to go bare legged for a solid 2 weeks, I was quite proud of myself. Back to the tights now though. Definitely feels like Autumn. The print on the dress is so cute - bunnies!

  11. hallelujah! I can now stop fighting with my gradual tanner and start the fight with my cats that starts in autumn to keep their claws to themselves around anything denier!
    Gorgeous jacket!

  12. I love that dress, and those amazing boots! I'm totally with you, I need to start buying better! I usually buy the wrong thing, meaning similar items, a light tee for winter etc.. :( x

  13. Great Jacket Alex. You look very "cool" in it too. Yes it's not too warm at all is it? Tights shall most definitely be making an apearence in our house soon.

    X x

  14. Normally I can't wait to get into a/w stuff, but I still have so much of my summer wardrobe I haven't had the chance to wear yet, that I'm inclined to look like a fool going bare legged and coat-less for another couple of weeks! It's definitely turned colder now, so perhaps not. LOVE this outfit, gorgeous dress. I sold my original NY skyline heels like that as they were too tight, so glad to see an updated version.

  15. Man excellent jacket! I'm totally going down that road too, I've suffered the heat long enough, yesterday I wore tights and a jumper out to dinner and was far too excited about it... ;)

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