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Frocks, Frocks, Frocks

Friday, 12 October 2012

I don’t tend to spend much time browsing shops online during the summer.  This isn’t because I do an enormous amount of actual shopping in real shops instead, it’s more due to the fact that I do things in the summer.  My disposable cash tends to get sucked up by weekends away, holidays, tickets to the theatre and the ballet and the cinema, and the ever-present book-buying habit.  Then before you know it I’m moaning about there being too much month for my money and the cute frock I’ve seen gets relegated to the “look for it on ebay in six months” list rather than the “buy it NOW” list.

Winter is a different story though.  I don’t turn into some sort of SAD-affected hermit who never goes out, but the fun jaunts are definitely not as common.   When there are more funds available, I tend to shop a little bit more.   Actual shopping in the winter is hideous though.  Unless you can bunk off work for the day then you get stuck in the weekend Christmas shopping crush (which seems to start in about October) and are beaten around the legs with rogue rolls of wrapping paper until you want to stomp off home in a strop.  Oh, and don’t forget the hideously unpleasant contrast of boiling hot shops and minus temperatures outside and having to constantly strip off layers of coats, hats, scarves and gloves before you spontaneously combust on the ground floor of Primark. 

I would so much rather sit at home with a large mug of coffee and idly browse websites until something catches my eye.  And dresses always catch my eye.  Having to sometimes pay p&p is a fair trade-off for avoiding the shops in the winter as far as I'm concerned.

This is an pheasant print frock. Yes, you heard me.  Pheasants.  How amazing is that?! My #wardrobezoo is sorely lacking in the birdy-ducky thing (it's a family term) department.

Speaking of ducks... DUCKS!  How cute is this Joules beauty?

Woman cannot live by wardrobezoo alone though.  Well, not this one anyway.  I have quite the weakness for frocks that resemble soft furnishings.  Honestly, I'm not being sarky here.  I love my dresses made from duvet covers and curtains and this one reminds me of some very floral cushions that my Nan had.

I can be sensible when I try though. This is both simple and rather beautiful.

And this might seem like a super straightforward black frock (those lucky souls who can wear the colour will probably be drawn to the berry version) but just think how lovely it'd look with any of my collection of coloured opaque tights.


  1. I like that mad phase 8 one too... floral riot is a fave pattern of mine. :)

  2. Phase Eight always come up with some mad print stuff, which is absolutely beautiful.
    Think the Black one is a good investment, and agree would look great with coloured/patterned tights.

  3. I like the sound of that berry one and that Hobbs one is CUTE!

    Maria xxx

  4. Oh no, I've just spent a small fortune on frocks this month and now I need that Pheasant one!
    Doh, beans on toast for me for the rest of the month... :0)

    1. my boss has that pheasant one on today, looks lovey in person x

  5. Oooh, love the Joules one! They had a GREAT three flying ducks intarsia jumper like that last year that I regret not buying!

  6. Oooh love that pheasant print, but I really drawn to the straightforward black one. Linda xxx

  7. Great selection, I wouldn't turn my nose up at any of these. I think the Joules duck print would be super flattering and the black one is a classic. So which one made your 'buy it NOW' list?

  8. The last one is lovely! Perfect work wear. (and available in Petite, squee!) I didn't know that next sold Hobbs stuff either.

  9. I love the pheasant one and the last one, and totally agree about Winter shopping, especially the heat in shops.

  10. I'm totally smitten by Joules! Didn't know Next stocked their clothing! I will be certainly joining you in stalking the Boots 75% sale for that picnic blanket and flask xxx


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