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Monday, 29 October 2012

I am poorly.  So as not to inflict my general deathlike pallor and bright red nose on you (sound like a clown, don't I?), I am holding off on outfit photos for a few days.  Instead, I shall share with you some of the aforementioned stuff that I've picked up recently.

Pretty new bedding from Ikea.  I do love a good bit of toile print fabric, so I was v. pleased to discover this.  It's not green but then we can't have everything, can we?

Knee high socks from Primark.  I muchly enjoy knee high socks but decent ones are not that easy to find.  Either they fall down, or they're secretly over-the-knee socks with misleading packaging, or they make my legs look super stumpy.  These are cute and vaguely sporty, and at £2 a pair, I'm definitely going back for the black ones.
Also from Primark, some fab little boots.  These are a nightmare to photograph - does anyone else find that with red stuff?  They're a gorgeous deep, dark berry colour in real life but it isn't quite showing up here, no matter how much I faff around in PicMonkey.  It's not a colour I wear much of, but in the world of footwear, anything goes.

A swanky bra and pants set from the Rosie for Autograph collection from M&S.  I don't normally do fancy underwear, or even matching underwear.  But it was payday and this was pretty (and green), so I bought it.  And it wasn't that expensive - more than I usually spend but not exactly Agent Provocateur prices or anything.

Also Bananagrams, which is indeed awesome.  If you haven't played it, you really need to.  It's like Scrabble on crack.  Or a crossword race.  Either way, it's brilliant and I love it and I will happily have a game with anyone that asks.
Definitely NOT being included in the list above are the Primark tights that I bought at the same time as the boots and socks.  The fleecy lined pair felt amazing and cosy at first but seeing as they spent most of the day descending down to knee level, I didn't exactly get much benefit from them.  The nice green non-fleecy lined pair were even worse, despite being a size L/XL.  I am 5'2.  I am not that fat.  There's no way in hell that a size L/XL should be that small/badly made that they need to be clutched at the waist all day to keep them from falling down. 
If you ever see me even vaguely tempted to buy tights from there ever again, slap my hand and point me in the other direction.  Preferably to M&S or Dotty P because their tights might be pricier but at least they fit and last well. 
And on that deeply grannyish note, I am off to buy a new box of tissues.


  1. Those shoes are great! Love the colour, have some similar from Matalan.
    Agree on the tights front, Primark are awful.

  2. I saw those boots too, but *needed* a pair in every colour so in the end got none:(

  3. Oooooh, I LIKE those boots!!!!!!! Might have to get me hence to Primark and get some! I like Banagrams but I don't have it!

  4. loving those socks! i have those boots in leopard print, might need to pop back for a more sensible colour!

  5. I swear by m&s tights, but I have heard wonderful things about those fleece lined tights from primark. Shame about the dodgy sizing! The booties are very cute too.

  6. Oh that's a shame that the fleecy tights failed you, I lived in them last winter. The bedding looks a delight x

  7. Ahh tights, usually being tall I have the problem you mention but yesterday I wore a 'one size fits all' pair that were so huge they came up to just under my boobs and I'm 5ft 11'!?!

  8. Sad to hear you're feeling rough. Me too this morning, although that may have more to do with the Cote du Rhone we were knocking back in bed last night...

    ALSO I HAVE THAT BRA! I've been buying one rather nice bra from M&S each month to try and replenish my stocks which are badly worn out! I think a twin post on underwear could be a bit creepy though?!

  9. I love those boots and that bedding looks lovely! I need to buy some nice underwear too, I will definitely check M&S out...

    Maria xxx

  10. PLEASE tweet me a link to that bedding!? I LOVE IT x

  11. I love the boots - sigh! No Primark near here! - and I feel for you about tights. Nobody in France appears to be over 5' 7" or bigger than size 14, as I cannot get tights for a 6' size 18 girl ANYWHERE. I am living in my rather old and getting droopy M&S ones from when I was last in the UK. Fleecey lined tights sound boss though!

  12. Yay for bananagrams! I'll happily play until the cows come home.
    I am really disappointed on your behalf about the fleecy tights, my mustard ones are ace and don't seem to fall down.


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