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Friday, 19 October 2012

Apart from a brief foray into Dunlop Green Flash in the mid 2000s, I've never been a trainer sort of person.  I am not terribly sporty - well I swim, walk and ride horses but these require no footwear, walking boots and jodphur boots respectively, not trainers.  I have so many shoes I don't really want to count them but I can tell you the number of pairs of trainer type shoes that I own straight away.  One.  And they need throwing in the bin because they're Primark plimsolly type things that cost £3 and they're wrecked.

This year has seen my opinion on Converse changing though.  It's not that I ever hated them in the way I despise Uggs and Crocs, I just didn't quite see the point of them.  Fab for the indie types and gig-goers, but not really my sort of thing.  Then at Bestival this year I was surrounded by bloggers rocking them in so many different ways and it finally dawned on me just how versatile they actually are. They looked great with everything (which proper trainers decidedly do not) and people wouldn't be wearing them all day if they weren't comfortable.  God knows my shoe collection is lacking in comfortable flats - I seem to be cursed with painful brogues and ballet pumps with paper-thin soles at the moment.  So I'm definitely going to get a pair but the problem is where to start.

Do I get the high top version?

All Star high

Or the low one?

All Star leather

I can't even decide on the colour I like best.  Argh.

Help me out here girls!  I must be about the only person in the world who doesn't already own a pair, so I'd love your advice.  Which style would you recommend I buy or steer clear of?


  1. Personally, I have four pairs. Two high tops two low. One black, one white, one patterned and one blue.

    I find low tops go with most stuff & if you're only going to get one pair, get one that is an easy colour to work with. Blue/black/white/cream.

    Or go mental and buy all of the above :)

    lets drive far away

  2. I'd recommend you get the ethical version:

    Great styles and colours and Fairtrade & organic cotton made by people paid fairly. What's not too like?

  3. I love Converse on other people, but I don't actually own a single pair, I'd love to hear people's thoughts though, I'd love to try some!

    Maria xxx

  4. I inherited a low top pair from DD when she went to Uni in 2003. She is 28 on Sunday - so you can see that they have worn extremely well. They are comfortable and I am very fond of them.

  5. I've alwyas been a bit hit and miss with Converse, I used to wear them all the time, but then fell a little out of love. But I do agree they are so versatile and the fact they come in so many colours/style/prints is pretty much reason to love them! The special edition ones are always ones to look out for and stand out from the crowd xxx

  6. Black leather ....... there waterproof so you can wear in rain and look much nicer

  7. I don't have any, but I know my other half is wanting some... he found he could do a full custom job on them online, and has been playing around with different versions - let us know how you get on (I don't like trainers but walk everywhere and need comfy flats!)

  8. I only bought some to see what all the fuss was about and now I have 5 pairs!
    2 plain coloured high tops (black pvc and khaki canvas) 2 patterned high tops (blue hibiscus print and black and white tartan) and a pair of low ones that are black with little cherries and daisies on them. I love the black pvc ones best but wear the low ones the most they are just so damned comfy and go with many of the clothes I wear.

  9. I have a few pairs...not as many as I used to. A black low top pair that I have had for about 10 years and a low top red pair and high top GREEN pair, so I think you should go for green high tops :) I'm not as fussed on the leather or suede, think the classic canvas is best. They do get a bit soggy if it rains heavy but they are more practical than wearing ballet flats in the rain I think!

  10. I love converse, got the low ones in a creamy off-white colour.

  11. My first pair arrived in my wardrobe last summer. I went for the low ones in cream. I only tend to wear them with more causal outfits so they pretty much work with anything, and the older they get, the better they look.

  12. Personally I prefer the low pairs as I find them more comfy to wear.As for colour? Well all it'd say is chose a colour you love and that can be mixed with everything. (Thats no help at all is it really? Sorry hun!)

    X x

  13. I have the "slim" ones in white--lowtops, which I think is the only style in which they're available. They're not as heavy as the regular low ones, but look similar. I love them. After wearing mine all summer, they're not quite so white any longer, but still look good. I'm tempted to get a darker color for the winter.

  14. I find the low tops most comfortable. Word of advice; get gel heel grips to stop rubbing!

  15. No matter how much I see bloggers doing Converse, and despite owning some copycat style ones in a phase... I just can't get into them. I have a pair of cheapo primark plimsols also, mostly used for dog walking or mooching about in shorts and a shirt in the summer, but I'd so much rather spend the £40 or so that a pair of converse cost on something from Clarks...

    All that said, I reckon the leather versions on Converse have got to be the most versatile- hello waterproofing.

  16. I do like the low top ones they look great.

  17. Like Poppy I have four pairs - two high and two low, a "neutral" colour of each and a bright colour of each. I vowed to stick to these limits and only replace when I throw a pair away to stop me buying loads!
    I'd say a low top pair in black would be a good starter - the most versatile in my opinion!

  18. I like looking our for clearance pairs in odd colours. They are cheaper, and you can get some really unusual ones. My current pair were only £20 and are grey with salmon eyelets and a teal line down the sole. I love the teeny bits of colour on a fairly plain pair, and can't understand why they ended up in clearance! TK Maxx can also be great for unusual, cheap colours if you're lucky. Jen x

  19. I'd go for hi tops in black, they go with everything. Later on you can branch out into different styles and colours.

    Take it from someone who wore Converse nearly every day for over 3 years. xD

    I used to like wearing odd ones, my favourites being one red and one white with ladybirds all over them.

    Oh and even leather ones won't be waterproof, remember they have holes in the side.

  20. I love Converse. I agree black hi-tops are totally versatile but my faves are my low leopard print ones. Once you know your size they're so easy to find cheaply online, it's a bit too easy to get addicted.
    Not great for real pissing rain though, so bear that in mind.


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