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The Orange Jumperfest

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I'm back!  Not that you noticed I'd gone anywhere, such is the wonder of a scheduled posts feature that actually works, but trust me, I've been gallivanting around Yorkshire for the past five days.  I've had an amazing time - lovely company, beautiful places to visit, tons of delicious food and some excellent shopping.  Naturally many, many photos were taken but here's a quick outfit, as modelled by moi, with Studley Royal as a backdrop. 

I somehow ended up packing six jumpers in varying shades of orange, rust and orangey-brown for this holiday.  Who knew I even owned that many?  If you can explain why I took six jumpers for five days (and bought another three whilst I was away), do please let me know.

How cute is this? An unexpected surprise in a package from Jacques Cider - no idea how they got my address but it was a really lovely thing to do!

Jumper - H&M
Paperbag shorts - M&S Limited Collection via charity shop
Boots - Ariat

But really, I spent most of the holiday either lounging around in my pjs or bundled up in my tweed coat and/or gilet.  We were super lucky with the weather but it got somewhat chilly during the evenings and that's when we seemed to end up yomping around the abbey ruins with the camera.  Most of the pics feature something like this.  Gilet, scarf and MASSIVE new Primark jumper which I want to cuddle to death.

If you'll excuse me, I have about 90 billion more photos to edit before I can sleep.  No easy feat on a netbook with a tiny screen, I can assure you.  Oh, and I need to pack cos I'm going to Belfast on Friday night!  Nearly forgot about that with all the Yorkshire based excitement.  If you have any recommendations for good places to eat/drink/visit, please share!


  1. Love the jumper and pocket watch. Do you mind me asking where you got those blue tights from? I'm always looking for that shade of not quite navy but they're surprisingly hard to find :) x

  2. I love Belfast and have been quite a few times. Go to The Crown in Great Victoria Street for it's gorgeous Victorian interior, you'll like it. Botanic Avenue is a popular street for charity and second hand shops and another good place to drink and eat is at the numerous establishments in the Cathedral Quarter which has loads of bars etc. I really like Muriel's Cafe Bar in Church Lane which is in the town centre. Have fun! I'm quite jealous of your visit to Studley Royal, my husband's family are from near there and it's really beautiful. By the way, try to get to the Giant's Causeway if you get the chance to go outside the city xx

  3. Oh the view in the first photo looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see some more photos from your trip. Aren't you a busy bee this month Alex?!

  4. Fountains Abbey? Love that place. You look stunning in your jumpers and I so looove that pocket watch. Have a great time in Belfast. xxx

  5. Well I can explain it all quite simply- one can never have too many jumpers. Specially ones with elbow patches. Have fun in Belfast! xx

  6. It looks like you had a fab holiday Alex, exploring new places is always fun. Very envious that you have an actual pocket watch, how cute is that! Love the green ensemble too, winter sure is on its way xxx

  7. I think I may have those blue tights! Like, as in, they came home with me !

  8. Gorgeous outfit Alex and stunning photos x


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