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A Weekend in Warwick

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Isn't this the best sight to be greeted with in the morning?  Yup, delicious baked goodies for breakfast come as standard when you're staying with baking supremo SarahChar, Sarah, Rosie, Gemma and I descended upon her last weekend for a whole heap of nattering, cake eating, castle visiting and picnicking. It was awesome.

Roisin joined us on the Saturday and we set off for a jolly summer day out at Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle

And Warwick Sandcastle!

I haven't been there for a long, long time so it was much fun to go a-wandering. It was hot and heaving with people but we managed to find some cool spots.

I love this photo. Pretty Sarah, pretty Gemma, and my face is hiding. Yay!

Also I feel that I should point out I'm not a sunglasses wanker. I'd left my specs in the car and it was either wear these indoors or be blind.

I don't have a group photo to rival the Norbury Manor gif, in fact I don't really have a group photo at all. We were too busy mooching around the grounds of the castle, raiding Sarah's collection of unwanted dresses and shoes (her blog name is truly descriptive!) enjoying ourselves at the Proms concert and then working our way through a rather enormous picnic.

Hark at me trying to be healthy with my picnic and then ruining it all by eating my own bodyweight in cocktail sausages.

Photos aren't the be all and end all of a good weekend though. You know what I liked best? Sitting round Sarah's kitchen table chatting away to everyone about blogging, cake, dresses and suchlike. Hardly any of my close friends live near me now and it's a rare occasion when I get to do the girly things. Emails and Twitter, much as I love them, aren't the same as giggling together in person over coffee and cake. All six of my weekend buddies are truly lovely people. The only bad thing about them is their insistence on living so far away. Rude!

Last two pics courtesy of Gem. Thank you for being organised enough to take a(n almost) group photo!


  1. Was nice to see this lovely post.especially as OH and I are spending the weekend therein a couple of weeks.

    Amazing photos!!

  2. Its a good sign when you have too much fun to take photos :) Thank you for being such wonderful company all weekend xx

  3. A little annoyed that I didn't get many photos. I loved this weekend, though. So much fun!

  4. Ah so that's what was going on at the Castle Saturday night. I was in St Nicks park with kids and lots of people with picnic baskets turned up to watch the free fireworks and hear the music. You had the best weather for it :)

  5. What an amazing way to spend a weekend :) I must pull my finger out and see more bloggers who I have not met yet :) I feel a trip North could be in the offing :)

    Mmmmm. Cake AND History!

  6. Looks like you all have a brilliant time. Warwick castle looks fabulous and the half group photos are really nice x

  7. It looks like you all had such a great time. x

  8. Ack, it was SO much fun to meet you guys and I really enjoyed sitting around the kitchen table chatting as well. I hope we can meet up again soon! x

  9. This looks like SO much fun!

    Maria xxx

  10. It's true - bloggers really do have the best time! xxx

  11. I love the last photo and sometimes it sees strange seeing you all together - I'm not sure why! I love the array of pretty dresses though. Looks like so much fun. Jealousss.


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