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Christmas Traditions

Monday, 23 December 2013

I'm a big Christmas traditionalist. For me it has to start early as we have events running from mid November onwards at work and they can't be escaped! I like to leave it till later at home though and as I've already mentioned on here, the tree doesn't go up till a couple of weeks before Christmas. Stuff the Coke advert: I don't start feeling properly festive until I've seen the Rotary Club Santa drive down the road.

It's all about going through the Radio Times with a highlighter pen, taking 5 minutes in the morning to sit in a dark living room and watch the tree lights twinkle, putting lashings of curly ribbon on presents, sneaking a candy cane when no-one else is looking, wearing festive odd socks and having a little cry at The Snowman.

I can't wait for it this year. Presents were all bought ages ago and wrapped last week. I've caught up with as many friends as possible before the big day. The house is so clean that I now have to sit very quietly in case I make a mess and have to do more cleaning. The big food shop was done by 7am this morning (yes, it means getting up at 5.30am but I quite like that once in a while). Yup, nothing to do now except sit back, relax, watch some Christmas films, read some Christmas books and eat mince pies.

I don't know anyone else that's ever read Holly in Love but it's the most comforting slice of 80s teen winter romance ever written and I adore it. If it wasn't so massively out of print I'd buy you all a copy.

Tucked away for a little while longer are shiny new clothes. I canvassed opinion about the following on Twitter yesterday and I'm pleased to report that most of you were either fully on board with this already or don't do it but approve of the principle: new pjs must be worn on Christmas Eve. Preferably a pretty new frock on Christmas Day as well.

*waves at Rosie and Maddie who will also be rocking these badgertastic pjs*

A sneaky peek of the pretty Christmas Day outfit I've got planned.

Things have naturally evolved a bit over the years and I'm no longer that child who can't get to sleep because she's so flipping excited. Nowadays it's more the time off work and the chance to see friends and family that I like best, along with a couple of days of serious loafing around. Six-year-old Alex hasn't entirely disappeared though - I do still get quite giddy about it all. It's the prospect of waking up to this:

And getting my two favourite things to eat:

My mother, inventor of the stuffing duck, is a genius.

We have long-standing traditions for present opening, namely open your stocking as soon as you wake up. One before breakfast present is allowed (I have a feeling this rule was invented so I could be given a book to keep me occupied till everyone else was awake) then the rest of them are opened after we've feasted on bacon butties and Buck's Fizz. One thing gets saved as an after-dinner present. It would feel a bit weird to do things differently after so many years but honestly, presents aren't the reason I love Christmas so much. I'm more excited to see how people react to what I've got them this year - I think (or should that be hope) I've picked some fab things!

I have much loafing around to do over the next couple of days and so all the gadgets are going back in their cases. Haven't scheduled any posts as I doubt people will be in a blogging or blog reading mood when there's so much else to do.

I'll be back in the New Year and I hope you all have a fabulous, fun and food-filled time over the holidays.


  1. I love the stuffing shaped like ducks! x

  2. *waves back* :) I am OBSESSED with those stuffing ducks! Genius!
    We're in a weird position this year, in that it's mine, Matts and our little girls first Christmas as a new family and were spending it just the three of us for the first time, so we get to make up our own traditions henceforth! I'm totally doing the new pjs for Christmas morning, and I'm loving the one present only until after dinner thing, but I'll see if I can stick to it- I'm really excited to give Matt his presses!
    Xxx Maddie

  3. OO, I've never heard of the 'holly in love' series before, I loved the SVH &Sweetdreams books!

    Happy holidays,Alex!


  4. Those stuffing ducks look awesome - perhaps too cute to eat?! We did our Christmas food shop on Friday afternoon last week and it was crazy then, I don't want to imagine what it would be like now!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. right, get your mum to start a food blog. Stuffing ducks are the way forward.

  6. You've got the story of Holly and Ivy! I used to read that to my class every year at some time in the last week of the Christmas term. Such a lovely story. Happy Christmas to you and your mum!

  7. Mmm, bacon wrapped sausages!!!! I love them!x

  8. OMG stuffing duck looks amazing! I only discovered stuffing a few years ago and can't get enough now, my mum has a big stash of Aunt Bessies in the freezer! :)

  9. STUFFING DUCKS?! They look awesome! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Maria xxx

  10. It looks you had the most perfect Christmas! I've just stumbled upon your blog and am very excited to start following!

    LT x



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