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The Clothes Show

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Last Sunday I went to the Clothes Show Live for the first time. Perhaps I was being a tad naive when thinking it would be ideal for a pre-Christmas stroll round a good selection of stalls. I definitely had a fab time but if you haven't been before, take it from me that it's a) huge and b) incredibly busy. Not exactly the ideal relaxing browsing experience! If you sharpen your elbows there are some good bargains to be found though. I was super restrained and only came home with one bag - well if Models Own will do such amazingly good offers, it's kinda rude not to take advantage of them.

I was invited along as a guest of Echo Falls and had a lovely time catching up with two of my favourite blogging pals and saying hello to some new faces.

Turns out that although the NEC is enormous and perfect for an event of this size, it has terrible lighting! Sarah and Gemma's gorgeous faces are obviously not really this blurry but this was the only photo I had of them together and it doesn't feel right to have had such a lovely day together and then not show them in the blog post.

We spent lots of time oohing over the beautiful things on sale at Silly Old Sea Dog. The stock is just my cup of tea. It's Sarah's too, as you can probably tell by her happy face in the changing room.

I was very, very close to buying this gorgeous skirt. Maybe for next Christmas.

Alison's shoes were almost as tempting! Aren't they fab?

Gem and I had a fun 15 minutes watching the catwalk show featuring all the girls from the last series of Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model on the area right next to the Echo Falls bar. I have a massive weakness for model programmes. I can do without the unrelenting bitchiness but the photos fascinate me. How do they transform such normal looking people into such amazing images?

Watching catwalk in real life turns out to be an odd experience. Fun, but definitely odd. Some of them walk so weirdly! Look how far Angel back leans when she stomps.

I'm not a big enough blogger to be blase about this sort of thing. PRESS PASS! That's well exciting!

Tapestry frock - New Look
Cardi - Gap
Elizabeth I ring - Cheap Frills
Owl ring - present

Thank you, Echo Falls. It was lovely to be invited!


  1. Looks like so much fun :-) I love the skirt with the gingerbread man on, so cute x

  2. We need to track down those green glittery shoes for you, will keep an eye out in Cardiff sales :) Was lovely to see you again, lets plan a Liverpool or London trip soon xx

  3. Thank you Alex for including Silly Old Sea Dog in your lovely post!

    The shoes are from Kurt Geiger, they are called 'Dolly' and you can get them in Green, Red, Gold and Black! They are a couple of seasons old, but I hunted my second pair of green's down on ebay after ruining the first pair!

    Also, McArther Glen near Mansfield is worth looking at for them, they have a KG outlet with older seasons pairs, most as cheap as £25-£50!



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