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Monday, 16 December 2013


I'm officially off work until 6th January. It is bliss.

This month has been so busy that I'm planning to spend all of this week loafing around the house being as lazy as humanly possible in an effort to recuperate. I'm making a good go of it so far - didn't get dressed today! Now that I'm home and chilled out I can start to get properly into the Christmas spirit and that means it's time to buy a big tree, haul the decorations down from the loft and get cracking.

I was rather pleased with the tree this year. Not quite as bushy as some in previous years but it's a very pleasing shape, isn't it? Obviously needs some presents to go underneath it but give me time. I feel wrong sitting down to wrap things until the tree is up!

My trees always have been and always will be an utter mishmash. No colour scheme or style, just lots of much-loved favourites. Some of them are older than I am. Rockin' Robin, the cheeky chappy in the first photo, is at least 35. Being the senior and important fellow that he is, he goes on the tree first. Pride of place and all that jazz.

I do try and find at least one new bauble or sparkly thing each year but despite not having a theme they all hang out merrily together. Plus it's all part of the fun when decorating the tree to go "Ooh I remember buying/making that!"

One of the two new beaded baubles I made on holiday this year. It's either Byzantium or Anatolia, can't remember which.

From the shop in Castle Howard on a Yorkshire winter jaunt one year.

The fox was a present last year, the box of crackers was made when I was about 6 from a mega book of Christmas crafts, Shaun the Sheep came out of a cracker and Jimbo had to be bought. He's a robin doppelganger of Jimbo and the Jetset!

Every Scouse tree needs a Scouse bauble.

The world's tiniest reindeer came from a shop in Bruges. He's the same size as my little fingernail.

Peg Lady was made by one of the volunteers at work. She totally reminds me of Mrs Banks from Mary Poppins. Votes for women!

The rest of the house gets a bit of a jazzing up too.

The stairs get garlanded.

The cards get pegged onto ribbon and hung from the picture rail.

The Christmas cross-stitch comes out.

And the kitsch fawn, bought by my mum for her first flat in the late 60s, is stuck somewhere where I can see him. He makes me smile.

Now I come to think of it, I have quite a lot of kitsch Christmas decorations. Artistic and cultured I am not. Not at this time of year anyway. I went mad in a charity shop a couple of years ago and bought loads of ancient baubles. You know the ones. Sort of 70s brightly coloured things with glitter on them? Impossible to take photos of as you end up with a reflection of yourself in tatty pjs and scruffy hair in all the photos... The other half of the tree is covered with them. I love it.


  1. Love your snowy glass 'Castle Howard' bauble :) And the tree itself looks fab! So traditional and cosy and perfect. Hope you're enjoying your holidays!


  2. I have no scheme at all, just loads of random decorations and lights. I'd have our place looking way too OTT given half the chance. Can't beat a superfestive room :) x

  3. Looks like a tree should. I dont go in for many decorations, but the ones I do put up are carefully selected. Each one with a meaning, thought, trip or story attached.

  4. I love having a mish mash too- I have lots of glass baubles that are from the 50s and were my grandother's.. at least one gets smashed each year. But then I have all sorts of other randoms from over the years too.

  5. Super cute tree! Mine is a mixture too, although it 'goes' because it's rainbow colours so it looks like it's on purpose even though it isn't!

  6. Loving your Christmas decorations! I break up for Xmas this Friday & I cannot wait!

  7. Love that you don't approach Christmas decs as styling and that everything has a memory or a meaning. My mum has been collecting decorations from all the places they've visited or had holidays over the years so the tree is always very personal. Happy Christmas Alex.


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