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Take One White Tshirt...

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wear it for two hours at the stables and it ends up like this:

Yes, that is the same tshirt. Um, my eye for photo editing colour levels may not be the best...

Basically it gets covered in mud, horse slobber, dust, grease, grass stains, hair, hay seeds and a massive drink spillage. Thanks for that, Monty, I totally needed you to use my arm as a rubbing post at the exact moment I was trying to drink coffee.

I should probably point out that I don't often wear white around horses. Never really. As evidenced by the above photos, it doesn't stay that colour for very long. Immaculate people might just about manage it but I can't keep white clothes clean in normal life so I have no chance when I have to do various jobs around the stable that involve wading through mud and lugging around wheelbarrows of dirty straw.

This was a little experiment to see quite how much I could wreck that poor tshirt (as it turns out, quite wrecked!) and how much Vanish could do to make it look like new again.

The only pink I will tolerate in my house.

So, a quick squirt of stain removal spray and a big scoop of the powder:

Then a normal wash at 40 degrees and we have one tshirt magically restored to shiny whiteness. Huzzah.

Before: coffee stains
After: no coffee!

Before: mud

After: no mud!

If it can get rid of strong black coffee and evil farmyard mud on a white tshirt I'm pretty sure it'll destroy normal stains on normal clothes! Good old Vanish. Saving me from my spilltastic self for about as long as I can remember.



  1. Great post! x

  2. These posts make me smile. I use Vanish and it does vanish all stains except anything that Andy comes home with on his clothes - now that would be a challenge!


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