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2013...In Photos

Sunday, 5 January 2014

2013 was a pretty good year.  The blog had a shiny redesign, which was a good start! I did quite a bit of baking, went to the ballet a lot, had a couple of jaunts to London to watch some amazing theatre (James McAvoy, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rufus Sewell, Tom Hiddlestone, Jude Law, David Tennant, Ben Whishaw and Rupert Grint amongst others), hung out in a manor house with some of my fave bloggers, holidayed at the Edinburgh Festival, in Dublin and Shropshire, got taken on a secret weekend trip by Amazing Char, bought the best fricking cape in the world, improved my crafty skills, volunteered at the third biggest horse trials in the country, went to the best wedding ever and got myself a part-time pony!

As I was merrily transferring 2000+ photos from my phone to the netbook yesterday it occurred to me that although I've blogged about all of the above things, I have taken photos of a whole lot more throughout the year. Here are some of them!

Oscar, obviously. I reckon about 70% of the photos I take are of him, because he is BEAUTIFUL.

Not my cat. But she's on an airer: I couldn't resist.

Having fun at work

Books, books, lovely books.

I found this inside one of them. Best book inscription EVER.

My favourite thing about Scotland: brown money.

Random, but amusing.

A small selection of Monty photos. We had much fun dressing the ponies up for Christmas.

The evil shadow that my hatstand casts. Eek!


Having fun.

I know I said I wasn't going to include anything that's already appeared on the blog but my #TeamNorbury gif is possibly the best thing ever. Here it is again!


  1. Oscar is gorgeous! I do love me a ginger cat though


  2. Oh my gosh that photo diving into the feast at Norbury Manor never fails to make me laugh! It seems so long ago. Norbury 2 please xxx

  3. Oscar is soo gorgeously-beautiful(I'm in love with ginger moggies & humans:-)!


  4. Oscar is SO cute! That gif never fails to cheer me up, I agree with Alice- #TeamNorbury reunion soon please!

    Maria xxx

  5. OSCAR! Love the 3rd pic of him, he's just such a stunner. Glad that last year was full of so many moments of fun- you're sense of fun keeps me going so many times.


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