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Another New Coat

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Coats, coats, I love coats.

I especially love this one. By all rights I should never have bought it. It's big, it's boxy and it's really the sort of oversized thing that looks best on tall, skinny, ironic, hipster types. They would pull it on and look like they've nonchalantly pinched their boyfriend's coat. I kinda look like I've bought a coat that doesn't fit me.

You know what? I don't care. It's great! I can lose my hands in the sleeves!

I first saw it at the Matalan event I went to in December and loved it so much I was tempted to snap it up there and then. Waiting a few weeks paid off though as it was then reduced to half price in the sales. There's only one thing better than buying something you love and that's buying something you love when it's on sale!

Made me feel so jaunty that I just had to wear some suitably amusing footwear:

Apologies for the slightly scuzzy tights!
Dress - Billie & Blossom @ Dorothy Perkins
Frog shoes - Irregular Choice via ebay
Coat - Matalan sale
Cardi - Primark


  1. I am embracing the "only buy things you'd have bought anyway in the sales" thing. In theory, anyway. It seems much better.

  2. P.s. The coat is fab - a good bargain!

  3. My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I always reach for my oversize boxy coat but it's so roomy and comfy! Perfect for keeping the chills out. This looks fab on you! Hope you're staying suitably snug xx

  4. Ooh I love big coats, this one is fab! I've been living in my giant cosy mans parka recently, the fluffy hood has been a lifesaver in this weather! :)

  5. The coat is gorgeous! I have a coat similar - here's to wearing things which are intended to be worn by hipster type without being a hipster! :)

  6. It looks cosy and warm, everything a coat should be! Great shoes :)

  7. Have a very similar coat and LOVE it, so easy and comfy to wear.

  8. I think that you look super in the coat and the cute shoes are just ADORABLE!

  9. I love the irregular choice frog shoes. I've had them for a while and found the perfect outfit to pair them with this summer! They're going in a lookbook on my blog in 2 weeks time if you're interested in seeing other ways to style them :-). Anyway lovely outfit and I love how you've style the shoes. Kat xx


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