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Friday, 24 January 2014

I've given up on trying to get warm at work. My office has no central heating and although the little electric heater struggles mightily, it can't warm the place up till about lunchtime. Looking at the bright side, things haven't quite reached the horrific levels of a couple of years ago when it was minus temperatures and I had to wear a coat, gloves and scarf at my desk all day.

 I celebrated the (relatively) mild temperatures this week by wearing a really thin dress. It's definitely more of a spring/summer thing than a winter one but hey ho. The high heels are also kinda inappropriate but hey, they're comfy, and if there's no ice in January, that's cause for celebration!

Poor unloved frock. It's beautiful, kinda flattering and a really cute part of the #wardrobezoo, so why have I only worn it twice in all the years I've owned it? It must have some magic ability to hide behind other things in the wardrobe because I never notice it in there.

This year I shall wear it more.



Frock - People Tree
Cardi - Tu
Red shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Necklaces - Sunday Girl and Dubrovnik market


  1. I love all of this! the up-do is chic, the shoes are adorable and I love print! I'm currently wearing a thermal vest to work and 2 pairs of socks because our heating doesn't work :( xx

  2. There is nothing about your outfit that I dont love. I'm all about navy and red right now. Just wish I wasnt so sausage fingered when it comes to up do hair styles, a pony tail is about all I can do. Bit envous of your braids.

  3. Love the hares, and the hair... And the shoes. My work is always boiling hot, so every time you go in or out you have to layer up ridiculously.

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  4. Cute but I must be silly because they don't look like hares to me!

  5. I have the same dress, bought after seeing yours, and I don't wear it much because it's so short! I wish I'd bought the longer version now.

  6. The dress, I know, I know, but ALEX- BRAIDING! Yay for hair braiding. I feel like I've rolled the clock back 20 years, but braiding has been a game changer for getting my hair off my face for cycling/work/the gym and generally disguising how gross it is because I didn't have time to wash it. Yours look all relaxed and chic and cool.

  7. ooh, I nearly bought that dress a couple of years ago. I decided not to because of the length, but it does look lovely!


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