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The Hunt For A Bargain

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Am I the only one thinking that the sales are a bit rubbish at the moment? Admittedly I haven't been out actively hunting down bargains but I've done a spot of online browsing and very few things are tempting me. My card has only come out of my purse twice since the sales started before Christmas: once for a Matalan coat which was half price and divine and once for this beautiful Laura Ashley cardigan.

Char sent me the link to it, knowing that I'm a fan of all things equine. I must admit to a slight chuckle when I saw the product description - it's listed as "dressage cardigan" and trust me, those horses ain't doing dressage! It's quite clearly a hunting scene. Giggles aside though, I had to buy it. Isn't it fab?

I'll quite happily buy nothing else this month if it means owning something this lovely!

Dress - H&M
Cardi - Laura Ashley sale
Triple strap heels - Next via charity shop


  1. I'm very glad you like it, I'd first seen it when I was shopping with Mother; she pointed it out as a potential #wardrobezoo addition!
    I agree, the sales have been a bit poor. I've bought some chunky necklaces in the Topshop and Accessorize sales, that's about it, although I have done a lot of present-shopping and got things to put away for various birthdays.

  2. Oh, saying that, I've just remembered I did actually place an order in the Great Plains sale. How did I forget that?!

  3. The cardigan is gorgeous, it's just my kind of thing! x

  4. Cosy yet chic & smart assemble!


  5. Oh I love that cardi! I've found the sales poor this year, especially instore. I've spent a bit online but that was gift vouchers/stuff I had honestly wanted full price...


  6. Yep, poor sales. Nothing much doing.
    Great cardy though, that s a definite keeper.

  7. I love your blog

  8. Fab cardigan and perfect for a horse lover too

    X x

  9. This cardigan is AMAZING! I got a skirt from Oasis, a dress from Topshop and some hair stuff and that was all... until I made a massive Monki order the other day oops!

    Maria xxx

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