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Better Than Red Roses

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day can bore off.

 Let's all look at completely unattainable but ridiculously hot men instead!

Oh Henry. You bulked up far too much for Superman, didn't you? And now you're all mainstream and everyone loves you. I saw you first though.

I only discovered Max Martini this year. Another one for the Fit Ginger collection!

Another newbie: Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Mmmmmmm.

Could I love Gene Kelly any more? No. No, I couldn't.

Possibly over-influenced here by glomming through two series of The Newsroom in about a week but John Gallagher Jr is cute.

Me and Romain Duris would make a lovely couple. Both so fond of looking at the floor. He dresses better than I do though.

Why do I keep finding myself attracted to men who look like potatoes? Sexy potatoes with ridiculously good arms, but still...

You can keep Cumberbatch. I like these three Sherlock boys much better.

My boy, Danny Agger.

Josh Hutcherson = tiny but adorable.

Considering I don't like long hair or beards, why do I find Tom Mison so ridiculously hot in Sleepy Hollow? Must be his voice.

Jake G as Detective Loki in Prisoners was a high point of 2013. Speaking of Loki...

I have finally seen Tom Hiddleston in real life and he is mesmerising. Is it weird that I find him sexy covered in blood? It is, isn't it? Oh well.

And if this doesn't cheer your life up, I don't understand you.


  1. HHNNNGGHHHHHH. That is all.

  2. Oh what a way to spend elevensies, a cup of tea and some pretty boys. Thank you for this, much enjoyed.

  3. ahhh I do love Romain Duris. Far far too cute. Also Oliver Jackson-Cohen went to my school- I cannot disassociate his name from how I remember him in his awkward teenage years when he was NOT hot. He sure grew into his looks though! xx

  4. Yes. Yes, please. I surprised myself with how much Josh Hutcherson grew on me after watching HG! He is too adorable isn't he?!

    Single or just dislike lovers day? Not that those are the singular defining features.

    Anyway, thank you for this post! : )

    Jen |

  5. Can you send me all of these men in the post in a big box with a bow on? Ta. I'm a little bit in love with Aneurin Barnard at the moment because he's Welsh and can sing and is pretty.

  6. I was hoping you'd do the hot men for Valentine's Day post again, and this didn't disappoint--thanks!

  7. potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made me guffaw.
    I'm kinda obsessed with Aneurin Barnard (JUST read Gem's comment and she is too) x

  8. Ahhhh nothing makes me happier than a tom hiddleston gif - and a tom hiddleston gif where he is grinding his hips lol happy valentines day haha!

  9. I bloody love Hiddleston. I think I was the only woman in the cinema ignoring the rest of the Avengers and lusting after Loki.

  10. Ah Hiddles... Did you see him on Alan Carr before Christmas? That guy has serious moves. You have no idea how much "Why do I keep finding myself attracted to men who look like potatoes?" made me laugh!! I have to disagree about Cavill though, I thought he looked fantastic at the start of Superman, but then again I'm rather partial to a muscly bearded man!

  11. *drools* I may just print these photos off and gaze at them adoringly, be right back...

    Maria xxx

  12. That gif has totally made my day, no, week!

  13. Ooh I love long hair and beards! And Tom Hiddleston, the double eye candy of Thor was almost too much for me ;)


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