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Going to the Races

Thursday, 27 February 2014

February has mostly seen me idly whiling away my time online window shopping and dreaming wildly about having lots of money to spend on buying beautiful clothes and doing interesting things. March will be more of the same, bah. My daydreams are currently all about galloping horses and the glamour of Cheltenham.

I adore jump racing and I've always wanted to go there. It's very handy for me living so close to Aintree, home of the Grand National. I usually go to two or three meetings a year there with Papa Odd Socks as we are both rather fond of a flutter. But much as I love the place, Cheltenham in March is the dream destination for anyone who likes their racing.

If you're going, you take Zara Phillips as your style inspiration, not a WAG. Smart, country, heritage brands are the order of the day. Tottering around in skyscraper heels and a floaty floral dress is for Ascot Ladies Day in the summer, not the Cheltenham Gold Cup in early March.

This is England. Even if the sun is shining, it won't be hot. It's far more likely to be like this:

If you're in summer clothing you may actually die of hypothermia.

Plus, jump racing is not the same as flat racing.  It's still very much a social occasion but for a slightly different crowd.  Lashings of tweed are needed, along with good shoes, an extremely classy coat and, if you're that way inclined, a hat. Not for me though: I can't pull them off. Sad face. Sad, hatless face.

If money were no object and I was heading down to Gloucestershire in a couple of weeks, this is what I'd be wearing. Imaginary shopping involves an imaginary bank balance, so I haven't let price hold me back!

I've been lusting after this Dubarry coat for so long. It would be perfect for everything.

Equally perfect are this pair of Duo boots. People who are better in heels than me might go for something higher but you're on your feet for hours at the races so this pair would be a much better idea. I'd rather be comfy than limping! Smart and flattish, that's the winning combo.

The coat and boots are easy enough to pick: I'm desperate to buy them both anyway! The problem part of the outfit is the dress. Being realistic, it won't be warm enough to take the coat off anyway so you're not going to get more than a peek of whatever is underneath it. A dress that manages to be smart, a bit sassy and that's suitable to wear a) under that style of coat and b) with knee high boots is not that easy to find! This Burberry dress is divine though and meets all those requirements.

Alas the bag in that photo is not divine. Bleurgh. I'd rather have something a lot more colourful like this Brit Stitch beauty.

If you need me, I'll be dreaming of a 66-1 winner of the Gold Cup earning me a fortune...



  1. And stunning you would look to Alex. A perfect outfit choice for a spot of racing.

    X x

  2. Such charming, classy pieces! I can't resist tweed.

  3. Ooo your outfit is lovely! I'm doing this challenge too, and the ideas I've had so far are very fairy like and flouncy, I don't think I'm a natural Cheltenham attendee! Haha. Though I do LOVE tweed... :)



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