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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hey there, checked pinafore dress. You're rather cute, so why on earth were you lurking at the bottom of the mending pile?

It doesn't need repairing. Altering? Well it's a bit longer than I'd usually wear, sure, and the straps do have a slight tendency to slide off my shoulders. Neither of those are enough of a reason to faff around altering it though. I think it looks rather nice, especially with my awesome lady golfers shirt which, let's be honest, will jauntify any outfit quite considerably.

The pockets are weirdly low down though. It's probably not designed for the shorter person but then not much is. I'm resigned to stuff never quite fitting.

These brogues are so close to death. They look respectable here but they're totally falling apart.

As is this ring but the battered look rather suits it, no?

Dress - Primark via charity shop
Shirt - vintage via charity shop
Brogues - River Island sale
Jewellery - Dorothy Perkins


  1. Very cute! Also jauntify?! Genius xx

  2. Jauntify, I like that word :D I have a few dresses with weirdly low down pockets too, strange. Love the print on the shirt x

  3. Low down pockets is better than no pockets :)

  4. Love all of this, bit odd but I'm imagining you driving an old car with this outfit on. You know when they wore goggles? like this

  5. Cute clash of patterns, and I love the shoes.

  6. Love the combination of shirt and checks; I have a golfer print dress on today!

  7. You're so cute in pinafore dresses- I don't think I've told you how awesome you are just lately. I do think it'd probably benefit from being a tiny bit shorter, but I love it on you, and feel your alteration pain, I'd be resisting too!

  8. Gr8 outfit, Alex!

    Fab find too:-)


  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I share your pocket problems being 4ft 11 isn't easy! haha! Also I love a good battered pair of brogues, I have a burgundy/brown pair which look amazingly dead! haha, but I refuse to throw them away.

    I adore your Dorothy Perkins necklace, it is wonderful!!

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

  11. You always find such lovely stuff in charity shops, why oh why do the shops near me not stock lovely items like this?
    Laura xx

  12. So much good stuff going on here! Checks + Pinafores = the best! x


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