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Further Tales From The Mending Pile

Thursday, 20 February 2014

This dress officially marks me out as the Queen of Procrastination. Bow before my excessively lazy ways!

I bought this during an ASOS sale years ago. Can't remember quite how long ago it was but it was definitely at least two years and more probably three. I was so lazy that I forgot to try it on before the return period ended and when it turned out to have a dodgy zip, it was too late to send it back. Can you still return defective things after the normal returns period? Probably, but investigating that would have required effort.

Said frock went straight in the mending pile and lingered there until I bought a red zip about six months later. Which I promptly lost. I rediscovered the dress about three months ago but it took me until last week to track down the zip.

As per usual, I am now kicking myself for not fixing it sooner. Such a cute frock! I am a big fan of the pinafore and I really like the elastic straps on this one as it means they don't fall down all the flipping time. Plus it has an amusingly billowy skirt when the wind picks up.

Dress & shirt - both ASOS
Heels - Dorothy Perkins


  1. I've had plenty of sewing enthusiasm when it comes to new things, lately, but none at all for the huuuuuge mountain of repairs / alterations.

  2. love how it matches so well with the bakewell tarts on your blouse in particular, and the shoes of course! x

  3. That is a very 'Alex' dress, a gorgeous shade of red and I love how the skirt billows without being a nuisance. Very pretty x


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