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A Cameo Appearance

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Do you remember how everything had cameos on a couple of years ago? That was a weird, short lived fashion, wasn't it? Bows and butterflies seem a pretty constant form of decoration but this sprang up from nowhere and now you'd be hard pushed to find anything in the shops with a little Grecian-haired lady on it. I'm quite partial to cameos but even I thought it was odd that they were being shoved on everything. I prefer to work in a little subtle detail or two.  Bet you can't even spot them in these photos.

Scroll down...

Bit further...

Oh hiiiiiiiiiiii.

Pretty, aren't they? I like these shoes so much that they get very carefully boxed away and stashed on a high shelf in my wardrobe after every wear. Then I forget about them. They were clearly bored up there and threw themselves onto my head while I was rummaging for something else. I don't hold it against them though. I was too busy going "Yoicks, I forgot about you!"

I never forget about these beautiful (and tiny) vintage earrings. They're just a bit too precious for me to wear every day though so I'm careful about how often they come out of the jewellery box.

Dress - Primark
Cardi - H&M
Scarf - from the mysterious land of scarves. All of mine come from there.
Ballet pumps - Schuh
Earrings - charity shop


  1. Great outfit - love the cameo touches :)

  2. The earrings are lovely! I do really like cameo as well! :)

  3. Such a gorgeous outfit, those shoes really are lovely! I remember the cameo phase, it did all get a bit silly didn't it?!

    Maria xxx

  4. Lovely cameo shoes, I assumed they were IC at first. I mus have slept through the cameo trend, I don't remember it at all. Fashion fail (probably for the best though) x

  5. The earrings are so pretty and I remember those Schuh flats so well. How do you manage to keep your pale coloured shoes so neat?

  6. Beautiful earrings and shoes. My mom gave me a cameo ring years ago and its always been a favourite.

    X x


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