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Friday, 1 October 2010

I love dragons.

I love reading about them. I adore fantasy, storytelling, myth and magic. Always have - I was brought up on fairytales and the sorts of children's books that featured them and I've never grown out of it. I suppose the Pern books are the most grown up alternative but I think my heart still belongs to YA books - the authors tend to write their dragons with much more humour.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede. I don't get on with her other books at all but these are just delightful fun to read. I have the first two as English editions and the last two as American editions, hence the difference in titles.

The Immortals series by Tamora Pierce, featuring a rather delightful young dragon named Kit.

I still secretly think it would be fun to have one as a pet.

I can sing you the whole of Puff The Magic Dragon, both the original and the playground version (all together now... "Puff The Magic Dragon, lived on a shelf..."). On second thoughts, perhaps best to let the professionals get on with it:

I don't think I actually own anything in the way of clothing that has dragons on, mainly because I've never found anything that quite suits my taste. I don't want to look like a goth or a piece of chinoiserie. Should you know of anything lovely, do let me know...

My random purchase of the week was this:

from Quoteskine. Pete's Dragon is one of my absolute childhood favourite films so I was absolutely delighted to discover this. Lots and lots of non-dragon related things on the site too - I'm strongly tempted by the Where The Wild Things Are one as a present for a pal of mine.

I came across the designer whilst idly bloghopping and for the life of me I can't think which blog it was I discovered him via. But thank you whoever you are, because it meant that I could find and purchase a lovely piece of artwork. Now to find a suitable frame and get it up on the wall...

Just a few images to finish off with:

All images that aren't mine have been taken from We Heart It


  1. Quoteskine's Pinky and the Brain postcard is amazing!

    I can't say I've ever been into dragons, but I did love Pete's Dragon too. My nerdy goth love was wolves, and Tad Williams' Memory Sorrow and Thorn series is deliciously nerdy and features a pet wolf.

  2. As I was reading through this post, I was recalling how much I used to love the film 'Pete's Dragon' - & then there it was!

    I watched 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' earlier today - not really relevant at all, but a tiny coincidence nonetheless :)

  3. Can't say I am particularly enchanted by dragons but loved the first illustration on this post. And of course "Puff The Magic Dragon" - so reminiscent to me of the dreamy 1960s of my youth. But how coincidental that heartshapedbruise (ouch) should mention The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I really enjoyed that book and the series. I also vaguely remember a science fiction series by Anne McCaffrey called the Dragonriders of Pern. Have you read those?

  4. Puff the magic dragon made me cry when I was a kid, I still get choked when I hear it now. I went through a phase of drawing dragons a while back, inspired by the Terry Pratchet dragons. Your quotskine Dragon pic is fab!
    Kandi x

  5. I am quite fond of the pocket dragon, but that’s as far as my knowledge spreads unfortunately x

  6. I loved Puff The Magic Dragon as a kid, it was always playing on my red Dansette record player. I love the bottom pocket-sized dragon, too.
    I'm not a huge enthusiast, the darker gothic type of dragons are synonymous with the balding ponytailed geeks in Matrix-style long leather coats who hang around Games Workshop. xxx

  7. I LOVED Where The Wild Things Are!!

  8. OO lovely! Dragons have never been my thing but I'm learning to appreciate them(quite like your large image:)


  9. I love that Dragon in the coffee foam!!

    I used to sing Puff the Magic Dragon all the time when i was little, My mum has the tapes as evidence haha

    Sal xXx

  10. Aah, I LOVE the coffee dragon! And the picture you bought, its so cool, think I want one now... :)

  11. My fiance absolutely loves dragons too! I only got as far as Eragon... haha!

  12. I used to love Tamora Pierce when I was younger! Most of the books with the female heroines are pretty Mary-Sueish to me now, but that's YA fiction I guess! I've graduated to Robert Jordan and George R R Martin now, but my heart will still always belong to fantasy...

  13. Dear Alex, my dad loves dragons and collects them. That coffee looks brilliant. The last picture is absolutely amazing! I wonder where to get one like that? My dad would adore one like that. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend xx

  14. Puff!! Joy!! Awesome song.

  15. Ahh wow I love that latte art!

  16. I've never really been into dragons, but love the card and also the coffee - so cute. xx

  17. i love dragons! feel sorry the ones with asthma...they can't control who they breathe over :( xx

  18. Oh, yes. Let's share the dragon love! They're awesome! That last picture is the cutest thing ever, by the way. :-)

    I think it's really easy to turn dragons into a cliche, though, which is why it's virtually impossible for a new writer to pitch a dragon book successfully these days. I would love to see something new and original!

    Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon? I loved it! So cute!

  19. I loved the Pern books when I was growing up, my mum's reading taste has always been a lot like yours, with lots of dragon-based fantasy and also school-based takes, and we were influenced a lot by her likes when we would read during school etc..
    Love the last pic! :)

  20. Ah, Puff the Magic Dragon. As soon as I saw the post title, he came to mind. Takes me right back when I was little and me and mum would sing it! Mind you, don't remember those 2 freaky-looking blokes!!
    And I had to laugh; Weve only recently been able to get Freeview, so it's still quite a novelty and on Saturday evening there was Eragon on one channel followed by Enter the Dragon on another. Lame I know, but it made me laugh!!
    Z xx


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