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Sunday, 3 October 2010

I have been


Quite a few skater dresses as I needed some more wardrobe basics and I've established this is one of the shapes that suits me best. Bravo H&M for stocking a basic dress in lots of colours at a very reasonable price.

And this Pearl Lowe for Peacocks beauty which was in the sale. It's far bolder than anything I'd usually go for and the sleeves are somewhat impractical but isn't it beautiful? Not impressed with any of the other dresses though - the cut and patterns might be nice but the fabrics feel utterly cheap and vile.


it easy. This is the first weekend in about 3 months where I haven't had any real plans and it's been lovely to just doss around the house and do what I wanted.


Lots and lots of World Equestrian Games coverage. God bless the BBC. I may be a little miffed that they showed all of the first two sections of dressage and not the dressage to music which I was dying to watch, and that they ballsed up about the start time of the cross country which meant I missed the first hour of it but really I shouldn't moan. I know equestrian sports are a niche interest and they've shown about 15 hours of coverage of it this week which is just brilliant.

And we've done really well! Team silver in the dressage and two individual silvers for Laura Bechtolsheimer which is stunningly good news. Holland have a wonder horse who no-one is ever going to beat so we didn't expect gold but she was so, so good. There's a video of her test here and even if you don't quite get the technical skill involved, it's still beautiful to watch. Then today we won team gold in the three day eventing and individual silver for William Fox-Pitt. I met him when I was at an impressionable age and I think he started off my love for tall posh men. He's such a lovely man.


Pom-pom necklaces! They really are so easy to make and I'm having much fun playing around with different colour combinations. I've done another two and a half since my post about them, and am planning a funky headband type one next.


To work out how to use the self timer feature on my new camera and keep things in focus. Not having much luck so far, hence the lack of outfit posts! I doubt photos like this one would be much use. I don't know why I'm posing so weirdly either...


I was still on holiday. I do love my job but I feel really tired at the moment and in need of more time off. Unlikely that'll be happening any time soon though.


The John Lewis autumn/winter fashion mag thing. Who'd have thought it? Almost everything is out of my price range but I can look at the Celia Birtwell silk dresses and the lovely boots and wish for a lottery win or a sugar daddy or something...


Why I have such an enormous capacity for making a mess? I try and give my room a quick tidy-up at the end of the day but it always ends up a huge tip again by the next evening. I just don't think I'll ever be a tidy person.


  1. That dress looks really pretty - can't wait to see you modelling it :)

    Speaking of modelling things, I'm also looking forward to seeing more of your pom-pom creations!

    In that photo where you're proving how you can't use your self-timer, is that my Tesco jumper I spy!? If it is, I love it - if not, hope it's not a really expensive one & you're now offended that I thought it was a Tesco bargain!

  2. This is a fantastic post. I love that tunic you picked! It has really pretty colors and the sleeves are so whimsical.
    I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend. It seems that maybe you could try to be a bit more restful in the upcoming weeks.

  3. Dear Alex, the dress is lovely. I like Pearl and I posted some pictures of Daisy Lowe wearing the latest collection on my blog a while back. I keep meaning to go and check it out so that's a shame to hear about most of the fabrics. Why do they do that?

    I love watching dressage and show jumping. I'm horse mad too. I can't do three day eventing because I've seen too many horses break their legs and I can't cope.

    I'm so sorry I forgot to take the headband pics for you but will do it this week when I go into the studio.

    I am really tired at the moment for no apparent reason too. It must be the weather and the dark evenings.

    I'm messy too. I have to tidy up two or three times a day so I totally understand xx

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. I just found your blog and I'm glad I did.

    I love it!



  5. those boots in the catalog are so cute! lovely blog :)

  6. i realllly like that dress. i also agree that the marjoity of the pearl lowe range has been awfully made, what a disaapointment!
    i wouldnt have thought about john lewis for any fashion inspiration but i may have to give them a go now xx

  7. Well the dress is lovely, and good that you have had a relatively relaxing weekend ;) If you fancy a "do-nothing" weekend in Shrews at any point do let me know :) xx

  8. I have that problem with the self-timer too ???

    Also printed off a pompom tutorial last week, looking forward to trying it out and seeing your makes! x

  9. Can't wait to see the pom pom headband! I'm SO with you on the taking it easy. Have sent you an email btw x

  10. I want to see more of the pom-pom creations, sounds like you’ve found your niche. I have totally missed the Pearl Lowe at Peacocks, so I am quite intrigued, it’s a shame the fabrics not the best quality though x

  11. Loving the first dress, I love Pearl Lowe and she actually bought a dress off me earlier this year.
    I threw that Jon Lewis catalogue straight in the recycling bin when it fell out of the Guardian at the's evil! xxx

  12. I love skater dresses, sooo flattering. New Look usually have fab ones too.
    I'm also a messy one but i'm sooo trying to change(not successfully!) xx

  13. I am so trying those pompoms. :)

    Love that dress, think it'd really suit you.

    And I am unbelievably messy also. Can't help it, I have the best intentions but can't control the mess.


  14. buy the dress! or did you already? it's super the print.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  15. Ooh I def wanna see a pompom headband! And my house does that too - I tidy up and somehow a few hours later, theres magazine cuttings and wool and cups everywhere, its a mystery :)

  16. That Pearl Lowe dress is gorgeous. Pretty good for a 'designer' who made her name dip-dying lace curtain panels.
    I'm like Christina, I can't bear to watch X-country anymore, same with racing over sticks, but show jumping and dressage, especially, fab. Years ago, when I lived down south I got to see Christina Stuckleburg at Goodwood. She was amazing. And when I was really young I got to go to Hickstead-when Harvey Smith was at his peak. Oh goodness, just thought of Marion whats-her-name and Stroller. Blimey, I feel old!! Mind you, that Fox-Pitt chap's been going for a few years now, hasn't he? He must be fit...cue a conversation like the girl out of this years Big you think he's fit? etc etc
    Z xx
    PS I so love the pom poms, must have go at making some. Maybe you'll have to start a Flicr group, "Pom Pom Love"!

  17. Love that dress and adore your pompom necklace from your previous post. As for a pompom headband.... YES!! What a brilliant idea, can't wait to see it. That may well be something I have to copy!

  18. That Peacocks dress is lovely - great print. Can't work out how to work the self-timer on my camera - might have to dig out the instructions. xx

  19. I love the sleeves on the dress, I have a thing about boots and those in the catalogue are gorgeous, only thing is that I can rarely get boots to fit my fat calves so usuakly have to go with ankle boots. xxx

  20. I know what you mean - I have never been tidy! If you love George R R Martin (which I do, although I'm only into the first book) you will LOVE the Wheel of Time stuff. My friend who is a fellow WoT fangirl recommended Martin to me as 'if you love WoT, you'll love this' so I bet it goes the other way! You can get the books dirt cheap on abebooks and if you can slog through the first one which is a tad Tolkienesque, at least at the beginning, the scope and detail of the series is absolutely breathtaking. I can honestly say I've never read anything like it.

  21. I LOVE your pom pom necklaces! I had a look last night after I saw your comment on my post and they are awesome. When I get the shop up and running I definitely want some on there :D xx

  22. Love the dress! It's so different & lovely!
    I know what you mean about tidying up - I give up after a while! x

  23. ooo,that Pearl Lowe frock is divine!!
    Time off is always a good thing,but getting it is indeed another matter! I find I either don't have the time or don't have the money to enjoy it properly!!!Generally,I save as much leave as poss,as we like to take big holidays!

  24. Those SLEEVES! That is beautiful, can't wait to see you in it =) xx

  25. OOOH that dress is pretty! you would look fabulous in it!! :) I love your comments so much. They make entire days better with just a word from you :)

    I'm writing you a letter FINALLLLYYY!! :):):)

  26. Beautiful dress!

    Haha, I used to do self-timer too but I could never find a good place to put my camera.

  27. I love H&M's skater dresses - they're so easy to wear and go with pretty much anything. Love that Pearl Lowe dress too! x

  28. Self timer can be so tricky. And I always feel completely awkward waiting for it to go off. And your pom pom necklace was inspirational! I wish I could be bothered DIY-ing. I'm hoping to make it a hobby next year when I'm a poor uni student. Maybe :p

    Miss you xx

  29. The dress is VERY pretty! And I also need to figure out how to do the self-timer on my camera too.

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  30. Ha! I do exactly the same thing with gorgeous fashion magazines. I ogle the outfits and mentally pair pieces together and think 'one day when I'm rich, you will me mine, my pretties!'

  31. That dress is gorgeous! I hate self timers! At least 75% of my photos end up blurred!


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