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Sunday, 17 October 2010

I have been:


My tights. Due to my fairly large sock collection, there is no room in the drawer for any tights. I decided to make my little weekend case earn its keep and shoved them all in there. I seem to go more for colours than patterns...


Restrepo. Which I thought was very good. I love war related films and books but as good as some of the fictional ones are, they're never going to convey the same sense of realism as a documentary. This was really powerful stuff, very honest and very moving, especially when it came to the reactions of the soldiers to the things they've seen and done.


Nothing! So poor.


My nails in Barry M Emerald Green - isn't it pretty?


Some tweaks to the blog in terms of sidebars, changing my profile pic etc. Still need to get to work on the header though!


Chocolate cake in a cup. I just fancied a little something this evening and remembered the post I'd seen about it on A Thrifty Mrs. Yum!


That the makers of artificial sweeteners are BAD PEOPLE. For some unknown reason they almost all put milk in their little round sweetener tablet things. Muggins here didn't know (the powder version is fine, I didn't think they'd be different!) and has been accidentally poisoning herself whilst enjoying coffee.


How big Oscar is. Well you did ask! I would say he's on the large end of the cat scale but he's quite slim, so not one of those massive cats who have bellies that practically drag on the floor.

(shouting at me as I arrived home from work)


My new followers - hello! I'm thinking that now might be the time for a little "about me" post. I have no idea where to start though. The Girl has just done a very interesting Q&A couple of posts, so I'm going to shamelessly pinch her idea and ask you to ask me a question (or two, should you so wish) each. Is there anything that you're desperate for me to talk about? Anything you really want to know? Ask away...


  1. oooh i do love that little suitcase/vanity box thingy you are storing tights in. is it the one you got at the vintage fair? i have been looking for one for so long!
    oh and i must try that chocolate mug cake, it seems to be raved about in the blogisphere xxx

  2. Hi Alex, Like Belle above, I'm liking the vanity case as storage for your tights. I'm more of a patterned tights person myself! Oooh, I hope that chocolate cake in a mug is easy to do, I'm off to A Thrifty Mrs to investigate. Night night!

  3. Wonderful display of tights but need your advice re socks. I have discovered that I need woolly (or possibly acrylic) socks rather than cotton as they hold the damp in winter. Any suggestions please for suppliers as M&S etc only offer cotton socks.

    Love those nails! And the chocolate cup - Hooray! I am also following Mrs Thrifty and will be sure to try that recipe now.

    Please give Oscar a stroke from me, what a silky lovely cat he is.

  4. Don't your tights look all neat and tidy like that? I'm a bit stupid and have never thought to roll them up, I just throw them in the drawer (I have one for socks and one for tights!) and then can never find the ones I want.
    I love the emerald green, Racing Green is my staple along with black but I might give that one a go.


  5. Great tights storage! Is that some red ones I spy? Nice!
    Very pretty green nails.
    Off to get my thinking cap on for questions for you.

  6. Dear Alex, the vanity case is perfect for your tights. How very organised. I still haven't finished my wardrobe let alone my drawers. You are inspiring me to get on with it.

    I love the emerald green nail polish, it looks fabulous.

    I think the best artificial sweetener is supposed to be Splenda as there's nothing too bad in it. I think it's actually made from sugar in some way.

    I should have bid on that green jacket for you. Someone won it for £55, how annoying! I won the velvet coat. I will post about it when it arrives. Have a great evening xx

  7. O,Oscar,how adorable you are!! Do you hurry to tend to his needs when he's shouting at you like that??!!!
    Love the tights organisation-I should take heed...but probably won't!!
    Questions? Hmmm
    Are you Liverpool born & bred?
    Do you like to cook?What's your fave kinda food??
    Do you think cats/otter and ducks are similar?
    Do you fancy coming to NZ?!
    Are you a lefty or a righty?
    What is your shoe size?

  8. I think I am in love with Oscar.

    Artifical sweetener is not very good for you anyway, and studies don't show that it makes any difference in terms of weight loss or gain. Sorry to be a drag, but I went to a talk by a doctor once and he said that there hasn't been enough independent research done into the things and it is far better just to use sugar, so I get paranoid about it now!

  9. The tights storage is so immaculate, I am very envious indeed. The case looks great.

    I would like to know more about your career? You seem to have such an interesting job, but don’t really know exactly what it is you do, and I have always wondered! x

  10. I love Barry M. Like loads. And loads and loads. But I must remember to buy a base coat because thanks to his marvellous vibrant colours, I now have horribly slightly yellow stained nails which make me look like a 50 a day smoker.

    Oscar is a perfect size. I am the cat authority.

    I have a question! Do you live on your lonesome or with parents or with housemates? Random I know but these are the nosy details I like to ask.

  11. Good idea on the tights front, I've got a tights storage problem too! I just bought a new bureau, so after shuffling some books and things around I should have some space in a wicker box seat that I have. At the moment they're erupting from my drawers and it makes the whole place so untidy.

  12. Oscar is perfect! I'd love to have him sleeping on my bed at night I bet he's divinely warm and snuggly.
    I'm in awe of your neat sock storage, mines like an explosion in Oxfam, I have a daily battle with my undies drawer.
    Question - he best day out you've ever had? Home or abroad? What did it involve? xxx

  13. Haha what a great post. Loved all the little tidbits on your life atm! Oscar is a beaut. And I am dying to make one of these mug cakes. Going to investigate the recipe now.
    OH shit, just realised I don't have a microwave! Aargh! :(
    Love that nail colour too. Glamorous and autumnal.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my giveaway. xxx

  14. Thats such a good idea for your tights, i have loads and never know where to keep them all stored. Also that cake looks yum x

  15. I bought Emerald Green t'other day, must use it!

    Also, I will reply to your e-mail tonight x

  16. I love that you used a weekender suitcase for your tights and socks! I am always fighting with them in my drawer. Maybe something more portable is the way to go. Please, it is endearing and adorable. Pretty much the two words I would use to sum you up as it is.

  17. Aww I love how you have arranged yor tights, I try to do that in my draw, but the tights and sock gremlins come along and mess them all up every now and then!!!

    Sal xXx

  18. Hi, I'm one of your new followers so I thought I'd say a quick hello!

    I love the tights organisation (may have to steal that idea, mine are in a right old tangle at the moment!) and your cat is absolutely gorgeous!

    In terms of a question....hmmmm, ok:- Who or what would you say has had the most influence on your life so far and why?

    Lucy x

  19. i love your nail colour! and i have soooo many tights. and socks. it's getting to be a bit of a problem...

  20. Oooh, I'd love to know more about your job - it always sounds so interesting! Tell us more!

    Also, what an ingenius method of tights storage! I might do the same with mine. :) x

  21. What a great idea for storing tights ~ my cases are full of old Uni work and boring dusty stuff!
    Question: What's your favourite building/ruin/castle in the UK ~ and why?
    Kandi x

  22. Your tights look so cute in that case - what a great idea to save drawer space. Might have to copy that one! xx

  23. First time visiting your lovely blog!
    I`m loving Oscar!
    And the suitcase as your tights keeper...
    I`m off to read more!


  24. Your cat is so cute! I'm awfully jealous - I'm not allowed another pet. :( SO I'm giving my sisters dog/friends cat a LOT of attention! Haha! xxx

  25. Oscar is quite possibly the most handsome puddy cat i have ever seen!!

    What did you do with the suitcase you got when we went carbooting?? The orange one?? such a brill idea, i may need to pinch it :)

    sharron x

  26. That green is a lovely shade! I'm still loving my latest Barry M's, but got another boots voucher when i bought my lunch today, so another nail polish calls!! :)

  27. I love that tights storage box! my tights drawer is such a mess, i have mostly black & red tights though. I would love more polka dot ones!

  28. Love your tights collection! Oscar looks like a gorgeous cat :) My mum's cat is huge(not in the fat way) we think he might be part panther!


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