Racy In Red

Monday, 25 October 2010

I had a rather fab day at the races on Saturday. I had two winners and two thirds out of four bets so I was a) happy and b) rather richer than at the start of the day. I employed my usual combination of reading the form, inspecting the horses in the parade ring and then picking on sentiment. It works though! Just Smudge (we used to have a cat called Smudge...) zoomed in at 8-1 and then my trusty old favourite Monet's Garden ran his usual brave, bold race and came home first to the cheers of practically everyone there. What a horse.

Winnings are not there to be spent on practical things so I bought a new hat instead.

As for my outfit for the day, I went for wintery fabrics, spiced up with some jazzy red accents, and based it all around wanting to be warm and comfortable. No heels for me, not when I'm going to be on my feet all day. A chilly October day is NOT the time to wear a party frock, heels and nothing else - not that this stopped some girls. They would have looked amazing in the summer but all the goosebumps on show rather detracted from the overall look at this time of year.

Vest - Zara (I know, again. It does get washed though, honest)
Skirt - Warehouse
Tights & pearl headband - Dorothy Perkins
Cardi - Matalan
Brogues - River Island
Ring - Primark
Blazer - vintage St Michaels, via Oxfam
Clutch - courtesy of Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage - I made her a pom pom necklace and she was lovely enough to send me this in exchange.

The blazer needed a wee bit of alteration before I wore it as it had these beasties tucked away inside the lining. Easily sorted though and I'm very pleased with it. Am equally pleased with the skirt as I bought it when I was about 13 and it's never fitted. It does now though, muahahaha.

Holy shoulder pads Batman!! That's an A4 sized magazine they're sitting on - they're huge!!

Ps - sorry for the lack of weekend posts - I've given up on the pc. I tried to keep up on comments via my phone but it's a bit tricky due to screen size etc. However all is not lost as I'm going to pick up a shiny new netbook after work. WOO!!


  1. I love the races, which meet do you go to? I'm gutted as I didn't realise Toaster was on, not far from me and could have gone to that!
    I pick my horses on the same merit.

    Fab hat, love the pop of red against the outfit.


  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the races, my Stepdad has racehorses so we go sometimes and it is great fun.

    I am absolutely adoring the hat and somewhere in my head I must have convinced myself in the past that red and green is a no but it so it a yes!

  3. Ha I love that you still have a skirt that you bought when you were 13! I'm such a wardrobe Nazi, I don't think anything lasts that long. Something which I'm regretting now that nothing fits me. Damn me for being efficient and throwing out everything that didn't fit me anymore - how was I to know?!

    Also. I used to have a cat called Smudge! Awesome.com

  4. Yay congrats on the winnings and yay to new Notebook! Those pads are huge, I mean Dynasty huge :) Love the red hightlights to the Autumnal outfit ~ pretty as a picture.
    Kandi x

  5. LOVe this outfit, Alex! The red tights are ace, and the blazer is lovely, but I think you made a wise move removing the shoulder pads! _I went to primark yday and they have shoulder pads in t-shirts !?! I mean WTF?!!

  6. Woohoo! I'm glad the clutch came in handy.

    Those shoudler pads are immense. I mean, I have nothing against them in moderation, btu it got really out of control in the 80s, didn't it.

  7. I love that blazer! I want some tweed now!!! Well done on your wins - I choose my horses based on name and jockey's hat - sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn't! x

  8. Love the St Michael blazer, such a classic label and perfect for these colder months.
    Winnings should always be spent on some type of treat and I think the hat is a perfect choice! x

  9. Wow, two winners! Nicely picked. I have a terrible eye for horses, so I never win.

  10. You look fabulous in both ensembles! Get you wearing a skirt you had as a thirteen year old!
    Love the hat, it looks very posh and those red tights are fab, such an intense colour, love it! xxx

  11. I've only been to the races once - this summer - but loved it - and picked my horses pretty much the same way you did!!

    Great red accents!

    Sal xXx

  12. WOO! all round!!! Yay,winnings!Yay,new netbook!!Yay,fab outfits and sweetface!!!WOO indeed!!!
    LOVE!! xxxx

  13. Brilliant winnings - I love a day at the races though not been for years. And love the hat you are wearing in the photo. Surely not the one you bought with your loot? But hey, looking closer - I recognised that blazer. Surely it's my lovely M&S one, retired for over 10 years but still hanging in my wardrobe. Well perhaps not the exact same style (lacking those 80s shoulders) but similar tweed check. A winter country classic in other words. Oo-er - I may give another go. Though as mine is longer, it needs a leather belt to bring it up to date I think. On the other hand, maybe I'll take it to my next vintage fair for a younger, sassy fashionista like you, to breathe new life into it.

  14. I adopt a similar scientific approach to selecting horses and dogs lol. A new hat is a fantastic use of winnings! Thanks for you kind comment. x

  15. that was at aintree i'm thinking?! i've never been but i hope to go one day perhaps! your outfit is great, lovely & bright & totally weather appropriate...i can only shiver at the thought of what some girls were wearing!

    thanks so much for your lovely comments, very much appreciated as always :)


  16. Well done on the winnings. Love the red tights, they are awesome. x

  17. loving the red! so festive. and those shoulder pads are massive!


  18. Dear Alex, congratulations on your wins! I love your hat, it's quite Edwardian looking. The jacket looks great, those shoulder pads are enormous! Have a wonderful week xx

  19. You sooooo suit hats! That one's a real beauty. Well done on your winnings! xx

  20. You look just lovely. And that is so cool you go to horse races. I have never done such a thing, and actually, I don't think I ever really, until now, believed that people (other than old men) did so.

    How fun is that though? Makes me want to go to the track. Seems so cool and different. Though maybe it is very popular over there and I am just clueless!

    heart: Kimberellie

  21. Geez.. Those ARE huge..

    Love the red tights! And those shoes are awesome!


  22. i've never been to the races before but would love to!
    those shoulder pads are huuuuuuge! xx

  23. I love your hat! I really enjyo reading your posts!

  24. Dear Alex, I'm putting together a post inspired by you at the moment...

    I did another 'Show you my wardrobe' post yesterday and thought of you - I think you may have missed it as I post so often. I bought a wine coloured coat from the seller that had the green velvet jacket I showed you. I like it but it's not as lovely as it looked in the picture. I wanted to know what you thought. Hope you're having a good week. C xx

  25. Look at those shoulder pads! Lady, you would've been giving it some serious shoulder with those in place. Haha!

    I love your brogues too. Fab! x

  26. Congrats on your win - sounds like you really know your stuff. Pic of the netbook please? Have been thinking about splashing out for a while but need more info. xx

  27. was this at aintree? i loved the grand national and ladies day. i never won enough to afford a new hat though hehe, well done!

  28. horses really scare me, i fell off one once :( BUT i love your shoes + tights xx

  29. The perfect (and winning!) combination to pick a horse I'd say!! My mums'dad was a bookie for a while and altho' there was no interest in it from my parents, it seems it was in my genes, cos apparently I asked for The Blue Book for Christmas when I was 10 years old.
    Love the 'winnings' hat and those red tights are a real colour pop-love it!
    Z xx


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