Oh the annoyance of it all

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

This really is a super cute dress and the fit is lovely - makes me look far more boobalicious than I really am and then skims over the problem stomach area. People at work liked it and I got some lovely compliments so was altogether feeling rather pleased with myself today (this doesn't happen often). Then the photos look nothing like my reflection in the mirror and I feel as if I look enormously pear shaped and I start feeling a lot less pleased. I'm blaming Jen - her post today has clearly cursed me! Perhaps it's all in the mind and you'll all tell me I'm mad and look fine. If not, I'm blaming the camera. It looks nice in real life, honest!

Dress & tights - Primark
Cardi & shoes - New Look

I'll stop beefing on about looking fat now. Here's something altogether more cheerful:

He is so very handsome.


  1. Nwah! he's gorgeous! I'm sat here typing this with my own cat snoring away beside me!
    And yes, you're going mental. Your waist looks TINY in that dress. It's really lovely. I need those brogues, too!
    p.s.- been meaning to ask- are you on twitter?

    xxx Maddie

  2. I love that dress on you - I'd say it's a really flattering shape :) Also love what you've paired it with. Grey tights are weirdly one of my favourite things ever!

    I do know what you mean though. And I hate it. It's horrible when you've actually felt quite good in something, then see yourself in a photo & just think "oh my God". Not a nice feeling..


  3. oh, i love that dress! it's super flattering on you!

  4. aww your kitty is gorgeous & huge! my two boys are only teeny! :) its totally all in your mind, you look great!


  5. I know the feeling when you don't feel like pictures turn out as well as they do in your head-but I promise, this is SO pretty and this dress does look amazing on you. I love it. And the outfit is so perfect. Those shoes + that cardigan= <3

    cute kitty:)

  6. Meow!Oscar!! The cutie!Puts a smile on my dial right away!!
    Um,sweetie,you're having a moment!!You look awesome in that frock!Your waist looks all little,exactly as Maddie says!!Sweet frock,I love,love,love the collar and little ties(are they??)The brogues are yummo and all up it's a winning look! Gah,I never think I take a great photo,but I get compliments,so I guess I know shit!!hahahaha!
    Aw,squeeze Oscar extra for me! Meow!
    Next thing we know,you'll be swanning around in a wee pink number.....(yee!)

  7. I really like the dress and I can see how it would look great in person. The pictures aren't flattering because they don't caputer the movement of the dress. I am ALWAYS running into that with pictures.
    Maybe try buttoning the cardi? or no cardi and add a belt?

  8. You look pretty perfect to me, Alex! That dress shows your lovely figure off to perfection and your legs are fabulous.
    Oscar's the best accessory about, that picture of you and him is sweet! xxx
    PS Mr Postman came today, I LOVE it! You're too kind.

  9. I completely know what you mean. I'm almost certain it's cameras, they do something to you. I've had times where I've looked in the mirror and thought "Good to go baby!" and then seen photos of myself and been horrified. BLAME THE CAMERA.

    I also need to applaud you for being brave enough to wear a dress that short, I know, it's not even short but I get the wobblies when anything gets above knee length - I need legs like yours!

    And everyone looks awesome with a big ginger behemoth in their arms.

  10. I think it's a lovely outfit, and the dress is very flattering alex -not a thing to be annoyed about!!:) xx

  11. You are looking fab, hun! Must be the camera!
    Oscar is deffo the best accessory; mind you when I pick up ours they leave a lasting memento of fur, which is 100 times worse on black clothing!!
    Yep, the moggies have done 2 trips to Plymouth every year for 10 years plus some to Brum and London and a few to Oxford to stay on the boat! I have only ever been away one night without them and I was SO worried that I don't think I'll do it again in a hurry!! Soppy, or what?
    Z xx

  12. I have the same moments, trust me though you look fab. That dress shape really suits you.

    And Oscar...what a beaut! Looks perfect to cuddle up to.


  13. I have the exact feeling happen quite often, hence why I avoid photographing myself.
    I think the dress looks great on you, I love the simplicity of it x

  14. I think the dress is lovely and very flattering. I am guessing that the photos were taken with the camera a bit too far down, which is why it doesn't look the same as when you look at yourself directly in the mirror - when the camera is lower you get more of a focus on your thighs than normal (I know this because I have suffered from the same camera angle). Your pusska is indeed very handsome, wish I could give him a cuddle now.

  15. I love the cute dress and I think Penny might have a point about the camera angle.

    You can't beat accessorising with a feline though :D

  16. You can't go wrong with a black dress with white detail. I hate it when you get that bloated feeling day but you look lovely so don't worry xx

  17. Adorable outfit, and I completely agree with the other comments - it's incredibly flattering!

  18. Cameras are evil! I've spent many a time questioning people; "but is that REALLY what I ACTUALLY look like?!" Trust the mirror. You look lovely. (I have a similar figure and am now planning to hunt that dress out in Primark this weekend!)


  19. KItty!

    I really love that dress Alex xx

  20. you are too cute for words...and so is your dress!


  21. you most definitely are mad! That dress looks so gorgeous on you :) x

  22. That's a cute outfit! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! Love your shoes too... and your cat!
    I'm your newest follower -- I'd love it if you visit and follow too if you like :)

  23. You are mad, that is a really cute outfit! I absolutely love the shoes, I've always had a thing for brogues. x

  24. Oh, I saw The Clothes Horse wearing that dress too - it looks lovely on both of you. A great Primark bargain - went to look for it in my local store but couldn't find it so bought another black/white one. xx

  25. I think that the dress looks great on you!

    Sometimes I find that my feelings about certain clothes (usually attached to the brands) colour how I feel about how I look in them. I'll often think that I look bad in a Primark dress because it was cheap, when I suspect that in reality I look the same in it as I would have done in a Topshop dress. It's just a weird trick that my brain plays on me. It wants me to buy more expensive clothes, but I'm not falling for it!

  26. aaw that is a lovely dress! I find cameras make things look very flat - they lose their dimensions and so sometimes the shapes don't look very realistic. It's lovely though, and you're right it accentuates your curves in the best possible way! :) jazzy ♥

  27. You look very cute and not fat at all!!! Love the black and white dress with the black and white shoes!!!

    Sal xXx

  28. That's a fab dress and I honestly think you look lovely in it. I think people are always way too critical of photos of themselves (I know I am) and see flaws that aren't even there. I think the mirror and the compliments you received speak for themselves!

  29. Dear Alex, I love the dress and brogues on you. You look fabulous! I'd love to give Oscar a cuddle too! xx

  30. Funny you should say this - I took outfit photos yesterday and my outfit looked FAR less flattering that it did in the mirror! Odd, no? Perhaps I'm more critical of myself in a photograph.

    However, I have to say: you look lovely here, whether you think you do or not!



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