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Second Hand Stylings - Day 10

Saturday, 21 August 2010

A wedding! My cousin Jess's wedding to be precise. She's the first of us to get married so it was a very jolly occasion and everyone had an amazing day. I'm a tad hungover today so I'll keep the words to a minimum and just put up lots of pics instead.

All the cousins (minus Martin who couldn't come). L-R - Andrew, Ken (my brother), Jay, Jess, Andrea and moi.

Taken about two seconds later!

Let me introduce you to the gang...

Andrew and his beautiful fiancee Kate

Gemma, my brother's girlfriend. T'was a tad chilly so she pinched his jacket. There's a gorgeous H&M bodycon dress underneath it.

Uncle Ian & Auntie Pat

Andrea & Becca

Mum and mother of the bride, my Auntie Diane

And to get back to the second hand challenge...

I had planned for my dress to be the second hand item as I bought a fab floral frock from a car boot sale a couple of months ago. Slight horror when I tried it on on Tuesday and discovered that the shape of it did not suit me at all. I had to resort to the only other properly dressy frock in my wardrobe and subsequently change all the accessories that I had picked out. So the second hand item ended up being my Nan's engagement ring which I think is a much nicer and more meaningful feature anyway. Jess also wore some of her jewellery - a string of pearls as a bracelet - so even though she's been gone for a long time now, at least part of her was there to enjoy the day.

Dress - Uttam
Shoes - Carvela, in the Kurt Geiger sale
Wrap & bag - M&S
Headband - Dorothy Perkins
Earrings & necklace - 18th birthday present
Ring - inherited from my Nan
Bangle - Shared Earth


  1. You can't beat a few wedding photos! I never get bored of other peoples' photies.
    Oh, I am SO behind on leaving you messages, sorry. Maybe I'll do an email, if that's OK? Some fab outfits going on...and I love the red shoes on your last post!
    Have a great W/E,
    Z xx

  2. You look gorgeous :)

    Sorry, am in a hurry, but really wanted to say that!

  3. oh i do love a good wedding! looks like a lovely day, that ring of yous is so beautiful

  4. What a well dressed family! Kate looks like one of those people who is always effortlessly chic and beautiful and I am jealous.

  5. You look lovely! So nice to wear your Nan's things too.

  6. That looked like such a gorgeous, wonderful wedding! And your outfit was lovely! :-)

  7. Awww gorgeous, i love weddings and always cry. Its so nice to see you both in the jewellery ,a really nice way of having her there x

  8. That is one of my favourite dresses of yours- stunning.

    It's so nice to have such a lovely ring inherited, and nice you wore it to a wedding she would have loved to have been at. Wonderful choice of second hand stylings. And nobody would have guessed you had planned a whole different outfit to wear.

  9. You look fabulous! I have a wedding to go to in a month - my guy is the best man so that should be awkward for me, but I had no idea what to wear. Now I know the sort of thing I'll be shopping for. Thanks Alex!

  10. How pretty you looked,and how lucky you are to have that lovely ring!

  11. Looks like it was a lovely day. You look fab in your outfit. Your Mum and Auntie Pat look v glam too.

  12. your cousin looks fantasic, such a beautiful dress! you look lovely too lady, the detailing on your dress is gorgeous! such a lovely way to remember your nan & include her by wearing her jewellery :)

  13. These pictures are lovely. And the wedding looks beautiful!!! =)

  14. your granny's ring is beautiful!! my granny left me two rings and they are so intricate and delicate, i love to wear them :) x

  15. The ring is stunning. So beautiful. And you look fabulous!

    I love the bride's dress. What a lovely wedding. x

  16. You look gorgeous! And what a delightful ring.

    Lovely wedding pictures. The bride's dress is divine. x

  17. What a beautiful day! The bride looks stunning, I bet it went in a flash. Lovely fascinator darlingg

    jazzy ♥

  18. You look great!

    And the bride looks gorgeous!!

    Sal xXx

  19. That is an absolutely amazing ring - and you look beaut!

  20. Love a good wedding! You look fab :)


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