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A New Purchase

Monday, 14 July 2014

Spot what's new and different about my outfit today:

Nope, haven't accidentally lost a foot, although this photo does suggest it...

Is it that my shirt has PINK in it?

Well, yes, but that's not really what I'm talking about.

I've got my first ever pair of jeggings on! I'm such an early adopter of fashion trends. 
*snorks quietly to self*

I dunno, I think I assumed they were the crappy version of skinny jeans and I don't get on with jeans at the best of times, so I'd never bothered trying any.  Then I had a horrendous jeans shopping trip, threw a tantrum and went "OH FUCK IT, I'LL BUY SOME FUCKING JEGGINGS THEN. I GIVE UP."

Yeah, in the middle of Primark.  Oh well, that place has seen a lot worse. No-one batted an eyelid at my little outburst.  And it turns out that jeggings are alright. Definitely less hideous than the jeans I was trying on and a hell of a lot cheaper. A smidgen too long for my midgety legs but hey ho.

Shirt & heels - Dorothy Perkins
Cardi - Hawkshead
Jeggings - Primark


  1. Jeans are evil and I don't think they fit anyone perfectly. Stretch fit all the way xx

  2. Alex, these look bloody amazing on you! x

  3. Well they look pretty super on!!!! X

  4. I came to a similar denim related conclusion recently (in H&M though) and also bought jeggings. Oh... the comfort. Perfect for an inbetweeny sizer, and somehow incredibly flattering compared to regular skinnies. (Get me, pretending I understand fashion!)

  5. These are awesome! I love jeggings, having to restrain myself from buying some right now... :)

  6. I'm actually a bit in love with denim leggings- so much stretch, so much forgiveness- but I can't do the Primark ones any more, because apparently it's not possible to size for cycling quads and behind. The ASOS ones are pretty awesome, got mine in the sale, and I think it's true love (until my body changes shape again- cue my own tantrum)

  7. Doyaknow, I've been pondering jeggings for a while. I love my jeans (having found the perfect pair in Gap - that was a good day!!) but sometimes, some days, I just want something else. Watch this space.

    These look awesome BTW.

  8. It takes me a long time to find proper fit jeans. I like these on you and your heels are gorgeous with them!

  9. I had a similar epiphany in Primark earlier this year - sooo comfortable, so forgiving and so long as I wear a hip length top to disguise the lumpy tum actually quite flattering! I was very surprised as I had never thought that jeggings could be so good - and at Primark - so cheap. You do look gorgeous in yours. Linda xxx
    P.S - remember that stained glass dress you "forced" me to buy? I cannot thank you enough I have had umpteen compliments on it, every time I wear it (like today!) I get asked where I bought it.


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