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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Want to see the money pit?

It's utter chaos at the moment. Rewiring has been done (but not finished), damp proof course has been put in (but not replastered), half the wallpaper has been stripped and the heating blokes are there today to fit a shiny new boiler, take away the ancient old hot water system and put in a nice new fire.

I'm obviously getting workmen in to do all the stuff I'm not capable of but I can do the basics of decorating myself. No point paying a man to come in and strip wallpaper, is there? I'm kinda enjoying the wallpaper removal process (the steamer is my new best friend), which is a good job because holy crap, it's taking a long time. Thick anaglypta everywhere and not just one layer but loads of it. Plus lining paper. It's all an absolute bitch to get off.

The previous owners clearly loved covering things up. You should have seen how much manky 50s lino was underneath all the carpets!

It's not all doom and gloom though. Wanna see the bannisters we discovered once we'd ripped off a load of horrible old chipboard?

And what I think might well prove to be an epic shoe cupboard?

And the amazing kitchen unit I liberated from work?

And my utterly kitsch bathroom?

Without fail, every single person that's seen it has said "When are you going to replace that then?" I'm not. I'll redo the wallpaper section but green bath and loo? Hell yeah!

It might be chaos at the moment but it's not all bad. I'll get there. I will make it pretty.

Won't be long till I can cast the steamer aside and start picking pretty wallpaper instead!


  1. Exciting times indeed! It takes me back to when we first moved in (although something tells me you'll be finished way before we are!)
    Looking forward to some 'after' shots :)

  2. How exciting though Alex, I can't wait to see the end result x

  3. I love these home updates, can't wait to see more as it progresses! x

  4. Loooove the bathroom! Altho the black bath panel is a bit odd, that's just crying out for a fun paint job :)

  5. I love the bath too. Can't wait to see it all as work progresses.

  6. Exciting, but hard work. We've just had a huge extension built and conservatory and I'd never want to go through it again, it was horrid. People in and out, the noise, the dirt, so glad it's over. Still tonnes to do, but the building work is complete. Looks like you've discovered a lot of pretty cool things. I never quite understand the horror about coloured bathroom suites either!

  7. The bath is awesome why the hell would you replace it??

  8. How exciting for you Alex. Change the bathroom?!!! Are people crazy? or perhaps they just lack vision and style, because thats a fabulous bathroom suite. As is the kitchen cupboard.

    What a great shoe cupboard too. So looking forward to seeng how thing sprogress.

    X x

  9. Oh, the kitchen dresser! So lovely! And, I’m with you on the green suite. My brother recently moved into a 1950s house that the original bathroom and kitchen, and the suite looked amazing when he’d redecorated.

  10. Really like the the bathroom, don't change it!

  11. I know you're probably at the point where it's gruelling and never ending and super annoying but I can already tell how awesome this house is going to look when it's finished and the fact that you'll have done everything yourself will make it feel EVEN better.

  12. And is that a pink sink with the green bath and toilet?


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