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Butterflies and Bows

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Out comes the sun, out come the summer frocks.

Poor things, they live in a blanket chest for most of the year. I layer up with tights and cardis for as long as possible but there does come a time when they have to be packed away. It's always fun digging them out again though!

I bought this beaut on one of my very first shopping trips after losing all the weight and for that reason alone, it has a special little place in my heart. Also it's very pretty. If you hadn't already guessed from the blog title, I do enjoy a pretty frock.

The one bad thing about it is that I always, always forget how short it is. I spend the entire day reminding myself NOT to bend over. If only it were this long!

Ah well. Shall attempt not to scandalise people whilst wearing it.  And if I accidentally do, I can always distract them with the beauty of my pretty new heels!

Dress - Primark
Cardi - H&M
Heels - Irregular Choice 'Secret Pair'


  1. Eep, the blue is rather lovely!!

  2. It's very pretty! Love the shoes too, so pretty! You don't blog so much these days- I wish you did- I miss your posts! Are you just more busy or just don't fancy blogging so much!
    Oooh, and I went to Hay on Wye last weekend (did a post about it too) and I found THREE SHELVES of chalet school books!!! I only bought 4 but I could have grabbed the whole lot- 'The Chalet school at war' was really expensive- is that a rare one?! Are there any you don't have? I phoned my friend (who lent me some and also loves them) to tell her and she was really excited too!x

  3. So so pretty, I love the dress. (And the shoes too!!)

    Linda xxx

  4. I LOVE the heels on those shoes xx

  5. I bet we bend down more than we realise over the course of a day! Lovely dress though, would be a shame not to wear it.
    Hope the house is coming on well

  6. Basically in love with your shiny new shoes. I know the feeling on packing summer gear away. I have 2 or 3 items that really aren't fit for wearing any time except 25 degree plus heat and they usually end up living inside my suitcase until whenever I next go to a country where this is a regular occurrence.


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