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Some Vintage Shopping

Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I believe I promised you all some photos of my new vintage treasures at the end of my last blog post. Um. That was a while ago. Sorry! I am as busy as a very busy bee at the moment.

Here they finally are though. Behold their patterned glory:

Fab dress! My mission to look like a walking cushion continues.

Beautiful maxi skirt.

And a really bonkers jacket. I love it.  It was produced with a flourish and a cry of "It's got your name on it!"  It so has.

I got all these beauties from Vix, who had the most amazing array of vintage clothes and goodies on her stall. I should probably point out that she (being an ace vintage seller) actually washes and looks after all her stock really well. I quite often pick up stuff from charity and vintage shops that clearly haven't been looked after and have to shove them straight in the wash but that wasn't the case with these! I just hung them on the washing line for photo purposes.

Did I buy anything that wasn't clothes? You bet I did! Pretties for me:

And pretties for the house:

I had very little idea of what I wanted in there when I first started thinking about decorating. I keep buying retro things for it though and I have a vague suspicion it'll end up looking a little bit junk-shoppish. Oh well! I never claimed to be a modern, minimalist type.


  1. I know those clothes!!!
    I can see a theme emerging - its green and eclectic. I was the same when I bought my first place. Grabbing what took my eye and thinking later. Don't worry though, with vintage stuff its only going to get more desirable so you can sell it if you don't find the room and get your money back. xxxx

  2. Ooo, snap! I have the Sloane Square tin and a set of matching placemats
    Nr B had the ssq placemat before he met me! Now, that is vintage vintage!
    Have I upset you???

  3. Fabulous shopping Alex. There is nothing wrong with being a walking cushion. I love the elephant bangle. I'm glad your finding lots of things for your house.


  4. Love the dress and skirt and the tea/coffee set is fab! And green!

  5. I don't understand minimalists, I like the concept but how dos it work? I mean seriously, who doesn't want to be surrounded by things they love? I have a feeling your home will be a complete reflection of you.

  6. Elephants!!! I love your buys, each and every one.

  7. LOVE the first dress and that ace retro tea set. You bought some beauties :)

  8. I love the bracelet, the pattern is so sweet and the little brooch too, you've got some lovely finds here Alex! - Tasha xxx


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