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An Eventful Weekend

Thursday, 24 July 2014

I don't talk an awful lot about my job on here. You might get the occasional bit of moo-ing about how busy I am (I should really stop doing that: I'm always busy and it never changes!) but mostly I love it. Never boring, always different and the people I work with are an amazing bunch.  What more could you want?

The past few weeks have been somewhat stressful though. Due to some staff changes and shortages, I somehow got landed organising one of our biggest and most complex events of the year.  Am I a natural event organiser? Hmmm, the jury is still out on that one. I don't think I'm relentlessly positive enough and I do have a shameful tendency to start crying when people are vile to me at the end of a very long and knackering weekend.  Proper event organisers probably don't do that.  Ah well, at least I waited till I was alone in the car.

I cope alright(ish) with the long hours though!



But y'know what? I reckon if you can survive through a day when it's absolutely bucketing it down with rain and you're on your second waterproof coat of the day by 9am (it still hadn't dried out by 7pm that night) and you're dying a little bit inside because the event you're running is outdoors with very little in the way of wet weather provision and you don't think anyone is going to turn up, you're doing alright.

If I could have waved a magic wand on Saturday morning and put a giant bubble over the whole event field, I would have done. As I attempted to stop the gazebo roof from turning into a water butt and only managed to give myself an impromptu cold shower to the face instead, I was positively dreaming of a lovely, easy to run, indoor vintage event. If only money were no object and I could have magicked up that bubble, hired in stacks of beautiful event supplies and funky retro chairs and tables, made everything utterly perfect and had a busy, busy day with loads of visitors, I would have done. But I work for a charity and we've never got any money so there you go.  Also we're British. Suck it up people: it rains here!

As luck would have it, summer returned with a vengeance on the Sunday: it was gloriously hot and sunny and we had thousands of visitors. Hurrah!  I do still mildly hanker after that "perfect" vintage event but I think we kinda do things in our own style and it suits us.

Anyway, it was totally worth it just for the fact that I finally got to meet one of my longest-standing blogging pals, the truly amazing Vix! We've been talking online since before I even started blogging, back in the MSE forum days, and we'd never managed to be in the same place at the same time in all those years. She's fab.

Pic borrowed from Vix.

Up next: my vintage treasures purchased at the event!



  1. Aww yay. How fab that you got to meet Vix!!

  2. Extremely-fortuate girlie you are, Alex! X

  3. You did an absolutely brilliant job, Alex. We loved being part of it and we're definitely up for next year, if you'll have us.
    I know how stressful those events are and you certainly gave the impression of being cool, calm and collected even if you didn't feel it.
    So pleased we finally got to meet, you're ace! xxxxx

  4. Ahh so excited that you got to meet Vix! And very jealous! x

  5. You were both lucky to meet each other-I'd like to meet you both x

  6. I am 100% sure you did a great job Alex, don't knock yourself hun! Glad you got to meet Vix, she's stunning inside and out isn't she?

    X x


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