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A Day At The Races (Part One)

Friday, 9 April 2010

Well the plan was to do a big post this evening but pre-birthday celebrations (a meal with half the family and then watching Liverpool get through to the last 4 of the Europa League, hurrah!) took up longer than expected. As I'm now desperate to get to bed and don't have time to edit and upload tons of pictures, I'll just post one or two pics of my outfit. Also, half the pics of the day are on someone else's camera which is awkward. We were camera happy today though - many many pics of people dressed up for the races were taken and as some of the outfits have to be seen to be believed, I shall do another proper post with those in. Suffice to say that I felt quite tamely dressed, even though by my standards I was very dressed up!

Dress & blazer - New Look
Tights - Ethel Austin
Pumps - Dorothy Perkins
Floral headband (worn as an impromtu bracelet here as it kept pinging off my stupidly shaped head!) - Topshop
Bag - vintage
Locket - Etsy

Hmm, perhaps the tights were a mistake. They feel gorgeous but the pic seems to make my legs look a bit effalump-ish which isn't good! I'd already tried and discarded the cream tights as they made me look like a nurse so these were my only option at the last minute.

I do adore this dress though, it's just so cute and cheerful and swishy. And I'm SO pleased with the pumps - it's not often that I get a new pair and they're comfy straight away and don't rub but these are perfect, so so soft. I felt like a midget all day as girls were towering over me in their platform 5inch heels but I had the last laugh - they were all hobbling out with bare, red raw feet at the end of the day and I was ready to walk for miles. I can't cope in heels for long and especially not when I'm constantly standing up, so heels were never going to be an option for me today.

As it's been gloomy weather for so long, I was totally taken by surprise to have sun and warmth today and have ended up with sunburn! It's mild, I don't look like a lobster or anything, but it's on my chest and as I was wearing a locket today I now have an amusing white oval shape where it was. Oh the shame of it. I may have to wear a large scarf tomorrow!


  1. You look lovely! Hope you had a fab day, the weather really was gorgeous on Merseyside, it's a shame I had no reason to go outside all day (and I live in a flat boo hoo!).

  2. Ooh you look great! I love the way it all came together - really good look :)

    Glad you had good weather for it - we did too, it was so sunny we spent the day at the beach yesterday (crazy!)

  3. You look so pretty! That dress is really gorgeous, the whole outfit is perfect.
    Yes, my hair is pinker, and my neck, my pillow, even my earrings! It always comes out red in pics so I'm surprised you noticed.


  4. Cute outfit, especially the shoes!

  5. I really like this look! The navy blue works really well and I love the look of that bag

  6. Wow, you look amazing and those pumps are gorgeous. A day at the races sounds brilliant, glad you had fun. And I agree with you, flat shoes all the way! xxx

  7. I love that dress on you! xx

  8. Dress and blazer combo - so cool. Love the fact that you were comfy in your flatties, who in their right minds puts on heels to visit a mucky racecourse anyway?! (Especially ours since you are likely to step in sheep droppings or fall down a rabbit hole lol!)

  9. You look fab Alex. That vintage bag is amazing - where did you find it?? x

  10. Gorgeous dress and the pumps are just so pretty!

    I always get sunburn at the races - it's a tradition!

  11. OMG-gorgeous!!!It's only the angle of the photo,sweetie.Certain angles make my legs look stumpier than others!!Great choice in tights!

  12. You look gorgeous, and don't feel bad about your legs/tights. I worked out the other day that standing on grass for photos is a no-no when you are tiny, as you and I can't afford to lose an inch or two off of our legs!
    Hope you have a great birthday, I missed that you were going away until it was too late.
    Vicki xx


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