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A Day At The Races (Part Two)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Here's hoping the post scheduler works!

Going to the races is an excellent chance to people watch. It wasn't even Ladies Day, which is when people really pull out all the stops, but the colour and the hustle and bustle was wonderful. Aintree isn't like the big other race meetings. Ascot is classy summer frocks and tail coats and top hats; Cheltenham is tweed and winter coats and trilbys. Aintree is loud and proud and all about having fun. There was a definite tweed presence though:

I do really hanker after posh girl styling - I love the straight, swishy hair and the innate air of confidence, and the stripy shirts and tweed and the lovely (and extremely expensive) horsey boots.

Scouse girls have a very definite style which can probably be best summarised as more is more. It's not always entirely ott during the daytime (there is for example the curious fashion of going to the shops in pj's) but for nights out and big events you'll find big hair, lots of fake tan, lots of makeup, very on trend and expensive clothes and killer heels. It might not always look entirely classy but by god, they put the effort in!

And what were the girls wearing this year? I didn't manage to take photographs of all of the styles - surprisingly hard to photograph other people in a crowded place without looking like a weirdo - but a selection is below. Lots of patterned maxi dresses, tons of colour - the brighter the better - and some interesting satin type dresses with sculptural features. Also quite a few outfits that flashed entirely too much flesh for the daytime! It happened to be a glorious day but you can bet your life that had it been chucking it down or freezing, the outfits would have stayed exactly the same. No concessions are made to the weather.

Yup, even when dressing down with jeans, the heels are still ridiculously high.

The woman on the right is perhaps a little My Fair Lady but it looked beautiful.

I loved this heart print 50s style dress so much.

She would have looked amazing had she not been so fake tanned she looked Tangoed!


  1. I really like the 'My Fair Lady' outfit. Simple and stylish. x

  2. Ugh,fake tan!!
    Adoring the asymetrical pink frock,of course,and the heart print frock!!Great people watching skills,lovey!!

  3. The 50s style dress is something I wish I could pull off. Gorgeous.

  4. How fun!!! Look at all the style. And yeah... fake tans are gross!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  5. Ye gods that girl is orange! As a general rule I find races (I live near a racecourse) are so so horrible and full of wannabe WAGS, but you've picked out some lovely shots, love that girl with the 50s skirt!

  6. That 50's heart dress is gorgeous! Did you ask her where she got it (I would have lol) that last girl is probably stunning but she looks like shes rolled in Doritos lol

  7. Hi Alex, Zoe here. Many thanx for joining the gang! I cannot believe your post...I read this, yesterday. Ooo, there were some comments (!) but do have a look at the piccies-words failed me! But, oh to have the confidence to dress like that. I wish!
    Have a great holidy. It will give me time to catch up with your blog.
    Z xx

  8. Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites


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