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A rather lovely holiday - in numbers and pictures

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Days I basked in the sunshine with a book - 6 out of 7, not bad for that part of the world!

Castles visited - 5

Ruined abbeys visited - 5


Battlefields visited - 1

Flodden Field

Monument to ancestor visited - 1 (get me, I'm related to Braveheart!)

Pairs of Irregular Choice shoes received as birthday presents - 2 (3 if you count the pair I bought myself). Photos to follow at a later date.

Ancient bridges frolicked on - 1

Books purchased - 36. Nothing from this delightfully named shelf though.

Books read - 20

Time spent climbing up and down an Iron Age hill fort - 4 hours (it was very high!)

Yeavering Bell

Times moaned about achy calves the day after climbing it - about a thousand

Times nearly blown down hills by the wind - too numerous to count

Boat trips - 1, to the Farne Islands. It was wonderful - we saw seals!

Spiral stone staircases climbed - 3

Spiral stone staircases got stuck at the top of - 1 (in my defence, it did have ridiculously narrow steps at the top)

Amusing signposts posed in front of - sadly only 1. The Borders are not good for comedy village names. I cherish the photo taken last year of my mum in front of a road sign for the village of Seething.

New functions discovered on camera - 2! Who knew it took black & white and sepia photos? Not me, that's for sure.


Times sang "Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" - at least 6

Photos taken - 515. A mini selection below:

The coast at Seahouses, with Bamburgh Castle in the distance

Alas, looking like a chubby gorm here. Do you like the use of a spare pair of odd socks as makeshift gloves? It was chuffing freezing on that boat!

Scott's View

A rather endearing pig gargoyle at Melrose Abbey

A beautiful bank of daffodils at Dryburgh Abbey

And some wild mountain goats! Awwww.


  1. Brilliant post! Fab pictures, I'm quite jealous =) xx

  2. I love the fact that you had a spare pair of socks with you when you were on the boat!
    Wonderful photos, it is an area I don't know but would love to visit; Alnwick always looks amazing, but were you went seems less 'commercialised'. One day...
    Z xx

  3. I spent a lovely family holiday in Seahouses some years ago... looks like you had a great time!

  4. I am SO jealous! This looks like a great holiday and the signs are great! Also 36 bought books?! And 20 read!?! That amazing! go you! x

  5. Looks like someone had a wonderful time! So jealous

  6. These photos are just breathtaking!! So beautiful, the pictures of Farne Islands are especially magical ;)

  7. Brilliant photos alex. So glad you had a good holiday. What a lot of reading you got done, must have been very relaxing. You're rocking the odd socks as gloves too. x

  8. Fab pics Alex. Glad you had a great time. Days and days of book reading = bliss. x

  9. What lovely photos. I'm sorry but I couldn't help laughing at the one of you on the boat, you look freezing and fed up! I hope the rest of your holiday was more enjoyable!
    Vicki xxx

  10. Now, are you sure you didn't buy any Spicy books? ;-)

    Looked like a lovely break.

  11. Yay,you're back!! You DO NOT look like a chubby gorm!!Don't make me cross!!!
    What divine scenery and places you have visited.....a dream holiday!!!!!!x

  12. It looks so beautiful! And I love your holiday by numbers... 36 books?! Wow! xx

  13. I could do with a holiday like yours right now. Lots of exploring and fun and cute mountain goats galore! Great photos, and you do have to admit that sleeping on the beach would be awesome though, haha. Have a good week! xxx

  14. Aw, you visited my part of the world and I didn't know about it. :( I could at least have taken you for a coffee at Simply Scottish or something if I had known!


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