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A little political waffling...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

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So then, all my lovely UK based readers, the election has been called. Now I am a self confessed political geek and I like nothing better than a Thursday night on the sofa watching Question Time and This Week whilst obsessively texting my equally geeky friend about what gets discussed and our mutual loathing for almost all female Labour MPs (I can't help it, I just find them immensely irritating!). I don't expect you to share my love for all things political but do be kind and bear with me because I'm sure to waffle much about it over the next month or so.

My main reason for mentioning it here is to to remind everyone to make sure they're registered to vote. If you're not, or you're not sure, pop along to the About My Vote website which should tell you all you need to know. I hope I don't sound too preachy but I'm firmly of the opinion that everyone should vote. Politics might be gloomy and a little offputting at the moment but this decision affects pretty much everything that happens for the next 5 years and it's so important that everyone's views are known. On a personal level, I'm very strongly influenced by the knowledge that women died less than a century ago in the battle to make sure that I could vote. I don't necessarily agree with all the methods they employed but I'm damned well going to respect their struggles and exercise my right to vote.

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Shall we end with some frivolity? Outfit pics coming right up! I am shallowly pleased by my shape in this photo as I look way slimmer than I really am!

Sleeveless jumper, leggings & ring - Primark
Blue 3/4 sleeve tshirt - Dorothy Perkins


Initial - Sunday Girl
Small beaded - Accessorize
Chunky beaded - Dorothy Perkins

I've managed to track down a pair of cream tights and some grey ones (hopefully a pale enough shade of grey) so I think that may be the races outfit sorted. Hurrah!!


  1. This is the first year that I'm going to vote... I'm 22 so I feel a bit silly for wasting my vote in the past but since I've gone back to uni for my PGCE I feel like I want to help make a difference in my community and country? I'd love to vote Green but it's not going to get anywhere sadly, so I'll be voting Lib Dem. I hope they can lay some foundations for the green party for when all the old people stop voting and young people can actually make some sensible decisions that will give the earth's population a small chance of survival past 2050 (fuel running out, riots, nuclear threats, I can see it now!!)

    A small rant haha.

    I am excited to see your races outfit, I've never been! I think we perhaps live quite near each other? I'm on the Wizza, if that makes sense to you. Don't want to give away my location too much to deter stalkers haha!

  2. Excellent, excellent blog! Well said! Lovely necklaces too x

  3. Good preaching! Of course I never miss the opportunity to vote and whilst I steer clear of question time I'm an avid consumer of political matters. I have to say I do find Cameron to be a boarish upper class twit!

  4. bahhahahahaha-bum chin!!!
    Yeah,voting is good for the soul!!!

  5. Love your necklaces :)
    I agree, a vote can make a difference!

  6. ohhhhh, i love that first pic! xx alexandra

  7. Fantastic post Alex *applauds*

  8. Saw your comment on A Daisy Chain Dream & wanted to pop over to say hi! I love blog hopping!

    love the name of your blog. too cute!

    I’m hosing a giveaway for a Vintage Ring that I think you might like. I hope you’ll check it out.

  9. Oh, I've never voted. I'm not very into politics so figure that an uninformed vote then takes two to reverse. Strange logic I know but I'm scared of messing things up.
    Vicki xx

  10. Haha, so glad to see I am not the only fashion blogger who went all political for a moment! My post took more of a shouty rant approach though. But hey, I think it is good to be excited about politics!

    Christina x


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