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Feeling Floral

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

You, dear readers, are a wonderful bunch of women. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my last post (Helga, I've definitely never been told I had nice eyelids before!). And a big thank you to all the new followers as well - it's very pleasing to think that you all like to read my wafflings. Unfortunately I can't delight you all with lots of smiling photos today as the camera was being hugely uncooperative and making everything in full length photos look weirdly the wrong colour. Will a couple of closeups do? I LOVE this vest top, I just love it. Yes, it looks like an 80's Laura Ashley sofa but I think that's part of the charm.

I appear to be turning into a real chintz fan in my old age. I never really quite got the point of florals - too fussy, too girly, often just far too pink. But now? I am smitten. You should have seen me when I spotted that vest top in store. I zoomed straight over and jumped up and down until I knocked the hanger off the rail and could run to the till with it. (I'm not a dwarf by the way, I'm just not tall enough to reach things on high rails!)
Some recent purchases include:

A brand new pretty frock (Purple @ Dorothy Perkins). Very short so I'll be wearing it with leggings but it's just so pretty! I love the pockets and the wrapover skirt.

Probably the pinkest thing I now own! It was an ebay bargain bought in combination with yet another pretty frock (not floral, so not featuring in this post)

And a couple of pretty dishes to stash jewellery and other assorted things in.

Oscar's tiger striped, not floral, but he's on some flowery bedding so I think it's fair to let him make an appearance today.


  1. Some gorgeous pieces you have there! And a cute wee cat! :) x

  2. I love all the prints, sooo pretty x

  3. Oh your puddy is so handsome he should so have babies with my white and ginger girls, if only they weren't "done"!
    I love your new things, I was just like you and would never have dreamed of wearing florals until a few months ago and now look at the pair of us lol!
    Isn't weight loss the best excuse to buy clothing too, I don't know what I'm going to do when I reach "target" I guess I'm going to have to develop a messy eating habit or suchlike to excuse further splurges!
    Vicki xxx

  4. I love all the floral prints! I especially love that first floral dress, so amazing!

  5. That cat is beautiful! And I love these floral prints. Nice post and thanks for the comment. My Mum and I had fun making them. xxx

  6. Lovely floral clothes!
    cute kitty!xxx

  7. Great buys - how cute is the DP dress and love your cat x

  8. That dress is so gorgeous! It'll look super cute with some skinny jeans too! and I love the idea of using vintage plates to showcase your jewelry!!!

    Enter to win a professional flat iron!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  9. oooooh,Oscar is a darling!
    Love the frock!I only developed a love for florals in my dotage(!)and am now crazy for them!Am crazy for vintage plates too,but G loathes them,so I just have a couple in my room....
    hahaha-those eyelids of your are just divine!!!x

  10. I am TRYING with florals, I really am - I have a few now! Trying to push my boundaries, right?

  11. I love the florals - that new pink top will look lovely :)

  12. Chintz is wonderful! I love chintzy crockery the most. Your plates are fab!

  13. Snap on the 'pinkest thing you own'! However I thought I could get away with it for a dress one time.. I couldnt :|

    Oscar looks very content.

  14. Ooh that dress is gorgeous!
    Loved the last post now, so happy that you're feeling happy :) It's so difficult losing weight, my younger sister is big and just can't find the willpower to lose weight yet so I have huge respect for what you've achieved. You look fabulous!

  15. Wish I could have a cat - I'm allergic though. Love the pretty plates. x


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