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Feeling good, looking less so

Monday, 26 April 2010

I'm feeling happy with life at the moment. Is it shallow to admit it's mostly weight related? I've been slogging away at the diet for what seems like an awfully long time now and felt as if I'd reached a bit of a plateau but things are improving again. I've just bought a pair of size 16 skinny jeans that aren't even a little bit tight and that's cheered me up so much. I know size 16 is probably still considered quite lardy by some folk but I'm starting to feel curvy and happy rather than just fat and flabby.

Happy Alex:

(also quite drunk Alex. The sunglasses only come out when I'm merry and posing. The shame of it)

It was a very fun Saturday with Lee, one of my very best friends. Alas he lives in Newcastle now so we don't see each other nearly often enough. Would you believe this is the nicest pic of the two of us taken all day? We don't appear to both be able to look decent in the same photo. I wasn't cross, I just look it.

A little overindulgence on Saturday meant that I ended up with a fat lip (silly taxi driver for braking so hard, even sillier me for not wearing my seatbelt) so today's mission was to go and buy some lipstick to try and cover up the bruised bit. I have a thing about lippy - I feel like it's a bit too grown up for me and I don't want to look clown-like so I honestly can't tell you the last time I wore it. But you know, never say never, so off I trotted to Boots to find a nice shade. I would have quite liked red but how on earth do you pick the right one? I found something online that advised me I needed one with blue or pink tones but that was no help as I wouldn't know a blue toned red lipstick if it came up and shook me by the hand. I thought I'd stick with something vaguely safe instead so I've bought 17 in Dusky Rose.

The sweet yellow nail varnish was an impulse purchase as I saw a big sign advertising a free gift when you spent over £6. Free gift? Nautical themed free gift?? Hell yes! My camera work isn't the best but it's a gorgeous little tin with Viva Diva eyeshadow, a mini Azure eyeliner and Knockout Red nail varnish. Lovely!!

I give you advance warning that today's outfit is not interesting. I needed to wear trousers that weren't jeans and with the limits of my wardrobe I had the choice of jogging bottoms or my black cords that are too big and not very flattering. Cords it was, then any old top to go with them:

Cords - Monsoon
Tshirt & ring - Dorothy Perkins
Plimsolls & sleeveless cardi - Primark

And off I go to sort out the horrendous mess that is my wardrobe!


  1. You look simply stunning in these photos, Alex! Love the sunnies! I want the nautical but nice gift set too!

  2. You look so happy in the first pic! Yay for smiley Alex!

  3. You look gorgeous in these pics. Note to Alex -make sure to look into the camera more! Really lovely post. x

  4. I had no idea you were a 16, I am too but unluckily for me I show it in my face (the dreaded double chin!), yours is nice and slim!

  5. Love the sunnies! In saying that, I have a similar pair so of course I'd like them!
    I have the same problem with lipstick - it feels a bit pretentious wearing it - if i could only find a nice matte one, I think that would be the end of all my troubles. Oh, you've got me wanting to go on a wee visit to boots now. £6 on makeup? Easily spent! :P xx

  6. Look at your lovely makeup treats!! Hurrah!
    Sweetie,I do love your face,and the drunk photo with the sunnies is very adorable,but I do love the one of you and Lee,as you have(at the risk of sounding weird)great eyelids!!!Yes!!
    Diet is die with a T,y'know.I just can't diet.I can only lose weight via exercise.I'm a 14/16,incidentally.16 due to the bosom,but I was a 16/18 until last September,actually,after a few uears ina sedentary job.Activity is the key,I am convinced!
    My biggest issue is portion size.I am a scoffer!

  7. We in the Blossom household, think you look fab and I would never have thought you were a 16, so there you go! I cannot remember being a 16 it's that long ago! But yesterday I braved the scales in Superdrug (in public!!!!) and have lost 5lbs. I was gobsmacked! So I'm chuffed and will keep doing whatever it was that did it. Gardening,I guess.
    Take care,
    Z xx

  8. You look so gorgeous, the smiley one is so pretty and think you have a look of Christina Ricci in the second.
    I love the 17 gwp, might need to take a trip to Boots to investigate!
    Vicki xxx

  9. Love the first pic,and very well done on weight loss!

  10. Alex you look beautiful in the first pic.... all smiley and happy! Love it!
    I don't think you look cross in the pic with Lee, I think you look quizzical.
    It isn't shallow at all to be feeling good about the weight loss. You've worked hard for it so be proud. You look wonderful.


  11. Congrats!!!That is so great. I am trying to get more heatlhy - I eat horribly and only exercise once a week and I've been doing good lately that when I ate half a cookie one day, I was sick to my stomach! That is a good sign I guess but it didn't sto pme from eating cake :S

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  12. Alex, you are beautiful. The kind of beauty that radiates from the inside out xx

  13. You should definitely look in to the camera, you have a beautiful face and should show it off a lot more! Loving the happy smiley pictures and the pretty make-up purchases. x

  14. I am shocked that you are a look tiny in the first photo with your sunnies on. well done on your dieting though, it does take a lot of hard work and dedication x


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