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A frock and a few film reviews

Monday, 24 May 2010

I'm quite enjoying this sunshiney weather. I even dared to bare my legs today which is something that hasn't happened for about 8 years. You can probably tell this by how pale they are! I don't tan easily; it's the legacy of a ginger grandad - I have nice red glints in my hair but also v. pale skin. The photo is a tad weird (note to self - learn how to pose more attractively) but hey ho.

Dress & cardi - Primark
Shoes - New Look

I'm in a somewhat rambly mood this evening so I think I shall now witter on about films. Not SATC2 (I may not even get to see that, can't find anyone to go with!) or Robin Hood (just cannot bear the prospect of it) but two smaller films that I've been to see recently.

First up, Four Lions

Now the initial premise is attention grabbing - a comedy about suicide bombers. But is it possible to make it actually funny or is it just there to shock? Well, I can honestly say it made me laugh out loud more than any film I've seen for quite a while. There's a mini debate going on via the Kermode & Mayo 5 Live movie show/podcast (if you don't listen to it already, you seriously should) about inappropriate audience laughter during it, as if people somehow feel more liberal by laughing uproariously throughout, but that wasn't the case when I went to see it. Lots of laughter, yes, but during the actual funny parts, not just for the sake of it. There are also a lot of unbearably sad moments as well and I think that's where the best writing lies. It's very subtle, very well written, very well acted and tragically comic.

And on the other side of the comedy category, a good old fashioned rom-com:

UK readers who live near decent sized towns/cities, get yourselves registered on See Film First. I've been signed up with them for a while now - I'm a complete sucker for free stuff! Basically they promote films by giving out free tickets to preview showings - some are a bit pants, some are great. But I like films and I like free stuff so I'll pretty much go and see anything.

I didn't have massively high expectations of this one but it was a sweet film really. Quite standard rom-com fare, with some laddish humour elements chucked in, but funny enough and quite engaging - a nice way to kill a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday. And I rather like films that don't have any big name actors in - I think people try a bit harder if there aren't any names to draw people to the film. It did amuse me that Trevor Eve was in it, playing an American dad - do they not have enough actors in America or something?


  1. Gorgeous dress there, Alex..almose Victorian looking. I do think black looks so stylish and classy on a hot day.
    I'm liking the sound of Four Lions, trouble is our crappy multiplex only ever shows mainstream trash. I'm signed up for See Film First and have seen some interesting films I wouldn't normally have chosen, it's a great thing to be involved in.
    Don't think I could bear to watch SATC, I've never even watched the TV programme and the reviews are dire. I do fancy Robin Hood, though (or is that just Russell Crowe?)

  2. Look at you classy lady!
    I myself am a natural redhead and have pale pale pale skin but I love it and you should too! You look awesome. Totally know what you mean about the posing though. I feel like a right idiot smiling for my bf or my tripod. And I don't like to take more than 3 or 4 shots so I'm quickly learning what works and what doesn't.

    I haven't seen those movies. The last new movie I watched was Time Travellers Wife. So glad I bought it. It's amazing.

  3. This outfit looks amazing on you hun :)

    And if you'd like to, you're more than welcome to come to SATC for my bday lol xx

  4. Dress is really pretty, very much my type of thing.
    I am a huge fan of the Kermode/Mayo Podcast (hello Jason Issacs) and just listed to this review last night. I think I will definately watch this one, but I will wait until it's on DVD.
    Kandi x

  5. wow cool post i like this funny pictures pictures

    great reviews i am waiting to watch these movies

  6. Lovely dress Alex, I must sign up for the film thing, it's been years since we went to the cinema as it's so expensive.
    Vicki xxx

  7. I love the dress Alex. I'm super pale. Remember when I was little my mam used to always say pale and interesting... I'm sure she made it up to make me feel better but it stuck with me.

    I'm with SFF but now that we have unlimited cards we go lots anyways. I thoroughly recommend Robin Hood. I wasn't sure, mostly because I don't like Russell Crowe, but it was really good. And unlike most Robin Hood movies/shows it was kind of an introduction to him.


  8. You look stunning Alex.

    Hm I've not watched a film in ages, like... a year?! Haha

  9. Four Lions looks like a great film - I must go see it while it's still in cinemas. Love your chic black look too - perfect for keeping cool in the heat! :) x

  10. My Dad's going to see Four Lion's tomorrow, so I should expect it's gonna be hilarious. I do want to see it, but at the same time I'm not sure if it's a good thing to laugh at! I saw Rogue today which is a pretty good creature-feature film with not a lot of well know actors, except for Radha Mitchell and Sam Worthington. Try and watch it! xxx

  11. Yay gingers! High five!

  12. Looking lovely in the sunshine!! I didn't get to see much of it due to being cooped up indoors doing the mag project! Thanks for your lovely comment on it, by the way, glad you enjoyed it :)
    My boyf went to see Four Lions because we're Chris Morris fanatics, but I didn't get to go (again, uni work!) Must try and see it. xx

  13. Pale skin can be o so beautiful!
    I'm not interested in Robin Hood,but I confess,I will go see SATC 2.I like the show,saw the first movie.....guilty,guilty!!
    Love that frock,honey,it really suits you!
    O,and I haven't seen Sophie Dahl's cookbook,but I have read reviews and it sounds just up my alley!!

  14. That dress is lovely! I really want to see Four Lions and am definately checking out the See Film First website!

  15. Alex - have you seen Shutter Island and, if so, would you recommend it?

  16. I like that dress on you so much! Pale skin is good. I've spent years having a dodgy patchy off-white tan and this year I'm determined it will be factor 50 all the way!


  17. Great post! Your picture is so cute and you are super funny. I've never heard of this website before (maybe a UK thing) but it sounds awesome. Especially with movie prices being so outrageous these days, free movie tickets are welcomed.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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