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Here Come The Girls

Saturday, 15 May 2010

It was my best friend's hen night last night. Well, I say night, but we actually started off at 3.30pm and I didn't get home till after 4am. We all had a truly fab time though - we won money at the races, watched Alexandra Burke sing live after the last race, then went for a delish Thai meal and out for lots and lots of dancing. There were loads of us out - Shell has an enormous family so there were cousins and aunties everywhere you turned.

Sorry about the quality of the pics - the camera on my phone is not great and space in the bag didn't allow for a proper camera to come out with me!

Shell, the lovely bride to be. Her dress was stunning - shame it hasn't photographed so well.

Ruth, rocking a gorgeous maxi dress. She's only half an inch taller than I am so if she can do it, so can I! I will track one down, I will...

Claire, the 4th member of our little gang, lives up in Newcastle and was stuck at work supervising her A Level students do their exam practicals, so she couldn't make it. Boooo to the stupid exam timetable, we missed her!

Oh and me? I went for the following:

Dress - Purple @ DP
Leggings - M&S
Jacket, necklace (which I've worked out is actually meant to be a headband!) & corsage - DP
Ring - New Look
Wedges - Dolcis
Bag - um, George I think, It's ancient.

The corsage started off as a hair clip but it kept sliding off and irritating me so it got shoved on the jacket instead. It clashes a wee bit with the print of the dress but what the hell. I don't object to clashing florals.

A hastily snapped one before I left the house might be a little more in focus. It shows off the footwear to better effect anyway. I LOVE these wedges. I've had them for years and they're ridiculously comfy. I was on my feet yesterday for 13 hours, several of which were spent dancing, and they didn't hurt at all!

Despite the fact that I look a bit bizarre in it, I must just finish up with this picture. Squeeee! For those of you who don't follow racing, it's Tony McCoy. Bit of a hero of mine, 15 times Champion Jockey and winner of just about every big race going, including the Grand National this year. Ruth and I were all "You ask him if we can have a photo" "No, you" "No, you!" How old are we?! We got brave eventually and he was ever so nice.


  1. Looks like a really good night!

    You look great (& your friends of course) x

  2. Shells little bag is lush.

    You missy look fantastic. The corsage looks great on the blazer and I would never have thought it wasn't there intentionally. Glad you had such a great time and got to meet someone you truly admire. x

  3. Awww, nice outfits. Look like you all had an amazing day. And yeah that spider was pretty huge! xxx

  4. Helloooo cutie!Love the corsage!You look lovely!Glad you had a fab time!!

  5. You all look sooo good! Your dress is lovely and the corsage makes the outfit. I think you and Tony make a cute couple, glad he didn't disappoint!
    Kandi x

  6. Look at my Alex all glammed up and totally fabulous! No wonder the slebs were flocking round you.
    All three of you are totally gorgeous.

  7. I love your outfit Alex... I`m defo going to be stealing your style! My other fav of your outfits is the blue dress with the funky blue tights.
    Poppy x

  8. You look stunning! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a necklace that's actually a headband!


  9. loves ruth's dress!
    and adore your ring and corsage and floral dress you look fab!


  10. you look freaking gorgeous Alex m'dear x

  11. You all look gorgeous - sounds like a great night. Well done on lasting 12 hours! xx

  12. Looking fab! Especially loving your top! Hope you had a great night! x

  13. Looks like a great night! Love your dress!

  14. i'm guessing from your comment on my last post (re: beatles) that this is our local race course, aintree?!! :D your friends look lovely & so do you!! :)

  15. tony mccoy! haha awesome! i honestly probably wouldn't recognise him you know

  16. Friends night together that's really too much of fun. And you all were together since 3 PM to 4 am that's really great. I love to hang out with friends but as the work has been started the schedule of mine is really very busy so I am not able to meet them. But I am missing my friends a lot.

  17. I absolutely LOVE your dress. Florals are always a winner :D

  18. I really love this outfit on you, very chic!


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