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In which there is a wedding...

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Not mine, obviously; I'm sure I would have told you about that! It was my best friend's wedding so I was on chief bridesmaidly duty. I don't think I can write about it with any real clarity as the whole day (and it was a long day) whooshed past. But I can report that it was gloriously sunny, everyone looked beautiful and had an amazing time and it was just so much fun from start to finish.

It felt like quite a momentous day. Clearly it was for Shell as we've been planning and organising things for months now, plus she's now all married and grown up! But for me, it's the day I've been aiming for since Operation Don't Be A Fat Bridesmaid started last August and it felt wonderful to have achieved what I have in terms of weightloss. I even enjoyed a bit of a flirtation with one of the groom's friends - that wouldn't have happened this time last year!

There was quite a lot of being photographed which is really not my favourite thing but hopefully the professional photos will make me look all super glam and beautiful. I can't say the same about the pics below but I was quite tipsy in a lot of them so I'll just blame it on that.

The bride looking effortlessly casual and unruffled in the morning.

A random shot of my nails - I did them myself and I'm quite pleased with them!

Isn't she stunning?

My fellow bridesmaids

Following the black and white theme, the reception room and the cake.

It's me!

Mum and I

Shell and I - both a tad merry by this stage

And just to end up with, a photo of the happy couple. They are so adorable together. Neil got all choked up when saying his vows - there wasn't a dry eye in the house!

ps - Blogger is being really odd at the moment and not letting me comment on most blogs (at least not from this laptop), so please don't think I'm ignoring you!


  1. Oh Alex you look beautiful, just as pretty as the bride (who is stunning!) and all the dresses are amazing. Glad everyone had a fantastic day and thanks for sharing.
    Vicki xx

  2. Beautiful photos! What a pretty bride, and you make a lovely bridesmaid!!

  3. OMG all the photo's are gorgous. Your friends wedding dress is beautiful, the detailing is perfect. I'm a bit picky when it comes to wedding dresses, I think some can look a bit too over the top.

    You look great, I have never been a bride or a bridesmaid but one day hope to be both :)x

  4. Beautiful pics - I love the bride's dress :)

  5. You both look really fabulous! I love the black and white theme too, the cakes are beautiful.
    The pic of you both in black and white is my fave, you both look really happy and natural.
    Kandi x

  6. Wow, the bride looks lovely and so do you! You look like you're having such a lovely time. My friend has been chief bridesmaid before so I know it isn't always a bed of roses!
    Well done again on your weight loss. You just look fab xxx

  7. What a beautiful wedding,everyone and everything looks stunning! I especially love the cake. And a huge, massive well done for losing the weight.


  8. You look absolutely gorgeous! Well done on the weight loss and more importantly the new found confidence.

    Looks like a very beautiful day xx

  9. A beautiful day, a stunning bride and an absolutely breathtaking Alex!

  10. Such a gorgeous wedding. The bride looks stunning, I love her dress. And you look wonderful! The black and white theme is fab. Lovely stuff! x

  11. Beautful and your friend just looks gorgeous xx

  12. You look lovely! Glad you had good weather for it!! And well done on the amazing manicure - looks very professional! xx

  13. Everything looks perfect - you all look gorgeous and love the idea for the cake - so cute. xx

  14. It looks like an amazing day! And you look so svelte in that dress!

  15. You really do look stunning! :D

  16. You all look great!


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