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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Look at the new addition to my house:

Squeeee!!! Isn't it lovely? So tiny and green. I haven't used a sewing machine since giving up Textiles at school in Year 9 (um, I think that's something scary like 14 years ago) and I was never exactly much good with one then. I was always too scared of sewing through my fingers or something equally mad. So you may well ask what prompted me to buy one now. Well I've got the perennial short girl problem of needing to take up trousers that are too long and I'm bored of paying someone else to do it, plus I now have lots of clothes that are a bit too big but that I want to keep, so a few tweaks are necessary. And there's so much crafty joy flying around the blogosphere that I want to have a go! It wasn't expensive as it's only small. And did I mention that it's cute and tiny and green?

I've drafted in my mum to help me set it up; she being the crafty type who is multiskilled and can do professional standard cake decoration, beautiful cross stitch and embroidery, knitting and is also a fair hand with a sewing machine. I may develop some of these skills one day but it'll take a while! I am the gormless type when it comes to learning new skills, I get all nervously giggly and faff around to the extreme rather than just sitting down and practising. So off I go to get a grip of myself and practice lots on an old tshirt before I let any actual clothes near the machine. Any tips from any of you crafty ladies? (other than to invest in some thread that matches the colour of what I'm working on!)

Oh and a quick outfit pic from today:

Dress, tshirt & plimsolls - Primark
Leggings - M&S

I adore the print on this dress but the buttons are not my cup of tea at all. I'll probably change them soon.

I look very mismatched so I'll have to have a proper think about what actually works with this dress when I wear it next time, but I was late and half awake when I got dressed this morning so couldn't come up with anything more inspired. I have something more interesting planned for tomorrow.


  1. Oh! Jealous, jealous, jealous. I would love a sewing machine! You must share any creations. I have no tips but lots of enthusiasm :)

    I love the print on that dress

  2. I bought that today & I agree totally about the buttons!
    I bought the cream/navy one too, in a bird print? & I was so disappointed to see they both had horrible gold buttons! Wish I was clever/creative enough to do something about them..!

    Thanks for the comment - the whole blue/purple thing is bizarre isn't it?

  3. Ooooh! Lucky you! I have your problem too - I seem to have very short legs!
    Love the dress! xx

  4. ive been wanting a machine like that one for years,plus, it looks so cute !
    really nice blog, i love that outift, the patern is adorable ;)

  5. I'm a sewing machine nut and here are my sewing machine tips (Just read that back and realised what a loser I sounded! haha!)
    1. If you are doing something on a cotton garment, use cotton thread and if doing something on polyester, use polyester thread. If you only have one choice, always go for cotton thread. Don't know why, but my Auntie said so!
    2. Once in a while, use a clean blusher brush to brush all the nooks and crannys below the needle to rid it of fabric dust and keep it in good order.

    Good luck and I hope you make many lovely things to show us! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. So glad you got a machine, and it's cute. My suggestion when altering clothes is go careful. Don't go mad and take it in 4 inches and find that it's too small, it may take longer but do it a little at a time to get it right, oh and get someone else to pin your pants for you for the right length, it's best not to do it yourself (I found out the hard way) :)
    Kandi x

  7. Love that dress, I wanted the pinky coloured one with the swallow print but they had none left in my size :( Let me know how you get on with the sewing machine, am thinking of investing in a little one!

  8. The perfect addition.
    I have a sewing machine from when I was at college, but it's been gathering dust for a while now. You may have just inspired me to get it out of the cupboard.

    I find sewing requires lots of concentration but is actually quite therapeutic when you get into it!x

  9. I adore my sewing machine! You HAVE to buy Eithne Farry's two books right now! They really embrace my punk approach to sewing and I reckon they'd truly inspire you.
    Such a pretty print on that frock, Alex. I actually visited a Primark yesterday only the second time in my life, I bought a £1 pack of three hairbands to customise!

  10. oo, oo, love that horsey print. It could be the nearest thing I could get to owning the real thing!! (My pipe dream!). And do have fun with the sewing machine. It's boring but as Lou said it's worth taking the the time to clean and oil it. I still have my mums machine which makes it just over 40 yeras old!! And I HAVE sewn up the side of my finger!! When I was working and getting bored making ballerinas frilly knickers!! Didn't realise until I saw blood...then it hurt! But I lived!!
    Z xx

  11. That dress is amazing! great style :)

  12. That is VERY exciting! I want a sewing machine so bad and i badly badly want to know how to sew. Badly.
    I love the horses on your top, so very sweet and cute!!! Cute outfit =)

  13. Once you get into that sewing machine lark you'll never look back!! That's how I got into sewing.
    yeah,love the horsey print,but you're right-the buttons MUST go!! x

  14. That dress is super cute! Good luck with the sewing - can't wait to see what you produce. xx

  15. I really like the dress, I love my Yumi dress with fairground horses on it, I now need to go to Primark again!
    Good luck with the sewing machine, mine has changed my life and I don't know how I lived without it!
    Vicki xxx

  16. Thank you for the sweet comment :) And I love your dress, the horse print is so gorgeous. xxx

  17. Nice dress - kind of Miu Miu-ish print, no? And yay on the sewing machine!

  18. I want the horse dress! SO CUTE!!

    Love your wee sewing machine too. I have one somewhere but haven't had it out for years. Would love to start whipping up fab outfits but I think it's just a fantasy! x

  19. Oh, and the plagiarism thing - no, no one was directly copying me. I saw a few of my phrases and general tone on another blog and got a bit upset about it. I sent a silly tweet and someone obviously took offence and started commenting about it! Hopefully it'll die down now. :) xx

  20. ooooh i love your sewing it from john lewis? i've had my eye on those! i haven't used a sewing machine in year though so i don't have any advice to offer i'm afraid. such a lovely print dress too, i'll have to get myself down to primark :)

  21. Yay!!! I got my sewing machine for Christmas and have already hemmed a few dresses. Let me tell you, being able to do that is amazing. Now I have to learn how to MAKE dresses. :)


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